Can An Architect Be A Builder?

An architect is a licensed professional who is responsible for designing and leading a project. A builder is responsible for managing the construction process. The architect is a designer and focuses on the final look of the building. However, a builder is not a designer. Architects and builders can work together to achieve mon goal. Check with your state the licensing requirements and relevant rules if you want to run a company that involves concept and construction.

Architects Vs. Builders

Architects focus on designs and the outcome of the building. It has to be appealing to the eyes while being functional at the same time. The builders are involved in the construction process of the building. An architect is responsible for the design and construction of the building. They can see the outcome and can help a client to visualize the results.

An architect makes sure that the building is safe and functional, plus they also take into account the budget of the clients and project. A builder, on the other hand, uses technical knowledge and interprets the design plans. They are responsible for construction, so they arrange the building materials and also calculate the quantity required. A builder also makes sure that the results are achieved within the desired deadline and budget of the project or client.

Salary of Architect And Builder

According to, the average annual pay of a builder in the United States is $48,712 (as of August 15, 2021). According to, the average base pay of an architect in the United States is $99,345 per year (as of August 19, 2021).


Architects and builders can give you a better outcome. Architects are responsible for the design of the building, and the builders build the design. Architects, engineers, and builders work together to achieve a common goal. Usually, it’s uncommon for an architect to be a builder, but you can check with your state about the licensing requirements. An architect views the project holistically and considers its functional, aesthetic, and safety aspects. A builder is responsible for the construction process.

Can an architect be a builder? A builder can be consulted by an architect. It’s where an architect’s skill can really come into play.” Often the decision to use an architect, builder, or project manage the build yourself can come down to cost.