How Do Architects Get Clients?

Architects get clients via referral, networking, submitting proposals, word of mouth, volunteering, official website, follow-up, and social media. It’s also possible to use a lead generation service.

If you are an architect looking for clients, try the following:


By doing a great job, an architect is on the radar of current and previous clients. An architect can land many projects by referrals. Say thank you to your previous clients for being on their top list of recommendations.


You have to be on your client list, and networking can help you be on the top. You will be busy with the projects, but networking is vital for landing new clients.

Submitting Proposals:

If a project is open, send the proposal. You can format the proposal as per the requirements of your potential client. Create a professional proposal that can help you land the project.

Word of Mouth:

When you are doing an excellent job, the word spreads like fire. Every client wants the best architect. So despite technological advancement, it’s hard to deny the significance of word of mouth.


If you volunteer for a project and your work is excellent, it’s another way to find new clients. Remember, hard work pays off; you never know if the company you are volunteering for can hire you for the next project.

Official Website:

Maintaining an online presence is a must. It shows professionalism, and clients can easily find you. An official website works like a resume.


Many architects don’t realize the power of follow-up. You can ask previous clients or past potential clients if they are looking for an architect.

Social Media:

The active global social media population worldwide is 4.2 billion. Social media is great for finding new clients. For example, an architect can work on an online presence via social media to attract potential customers.

Lead Generation Service:

You can sign up for a lead generation service. They run advertisements that can help in getting clients your way. In addition, you can take advantage of the companies in your area that offer such services.

How can architects market their services?

Your best marketing strategy is to do a great job on your current projects. A satisfied client is the best recommendation. This means that even when you are designing, you are marketing. Make it count.

What can an architect do to help a client?

The role of the architect is to assess the risk from a professional perspective and to give information to the client so that they can accept, reject, or transfer it. The client makes the final decision.

Are architects in high demand?

The projected growth in employment of architects from 2016 to 2026 is slower than that for all occupations. Demand for architects with a knowledge of “green design,” also called sustainable design, is expected to continue.

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Why is it that architects can’t advertise?

Advertising was considered inappropriate and unprofessional. This meant that architects were prohibited from advertising themselves, giving away services, or competing with other architects for price. All architects were ordered to charge the exact same percentage of construction costs.

Who are the architects’ target markets?

4.1 Market Segmentation

The market for NW Architecture is divided into four groups: contractors, homeowners, developers, and government. Based on sheer population, homeowners make up the largest segment of potential clients for NW Architecture. This will be highlighted in all marketing and promotional efforts.

What is the average cost for architects to create plans?

How much does an architect charge to draw plans? Plans alone will cost you anywhere from $2,500 up to $8,000 You won’t pay any extra for revisions, project management services, or any other construction support.

What are the services an architect can offer?

An architect usually provides services such as concept design development, preparation, and administration of construction documents. Additional services that architects offer include feasibility studies and architectural programming.

How can you impress an architect?

1. You can refer to simple shapes as “Forms.” The vast majority of architects receive extensive training in spatial relations and how they impact people. We learned to call basic rectangles and squares, as well as circles and amoebas, “forms.” Because simple things work better, architects simplify everything to the simplest parts (or forms).

How can you find an architect to target?

Target architects by removing all barriers and making sure every question about your product or industry is answered. You can build trust and credibility by educating, empathizing with their needs, and learning how to think like an architect.

Are architects rich?

Technically speaking, architects are “rich” in the US. A principal, partner, or manager at the top of the hierarchy generally earns more than 95-98% of the U.S. This is also how engineers and tech workers believe they are wealthy.

Are architects happy?

Happiness is about average for architects. CareerExplorer conducts an ongoing survey with millions of people to find out how satisfied they feel about their jobs. It turns out that architects rank their career happiness at 3.1 out of 5 stars, which places them in the bottom 41%.

Why is the salary of architects so low?

We find that many architects make very little considering their work and the responsibilities that they have. For a low compensation in a competitive market, architects work long hours, are subject to stress, have strict deadlines and must meet a high level of client demands.

What does it cost to own an architectural firm?

Firms of any size have an average architect partner who also serves as an owner earning $179,594. This position earns a 62.5 percent average bonus. The top 20 percent earn $325,000 and a bonus. This level earns $291,840 in cash compensation.

What is the best time to start an architectural company?

Financial foundation building

You can only decide when it’s the right time for you to start your own business after taking into account your current employment situation, family needs, and potential clients. It is important to identify the needs in your local area and have a financial safety net.

Can I sell my architecture design?

Both architects and non-architects are allowed to own and sell online house plans. Many would not view this as an investment opportunity, but more as a way to supplement an architect’s income. They sell for an average of $1000 per set.

How can architects market themselves?

Keep it simple

Intense messaging and high-fluorinated marketing speak can turn architects off. Clearly communicate your message using a simple, clear, and concise approach. Don’t have too much copy or try to tell the whole story – it’s not a piece of literature.

What do architects expect from manufacturers?

Architects desire product websites that are simple, clear, concise, current, and easy to use. Access to detailed information and models of buildings is important for architects. Education is the main focus.

Advertising for architects is possible

However, architects, as with many other professionals like lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, and others, are not allowed to advertise their services.

How much do architects invest in marketing?

Your marketing/bd budget should average between 4 and 6 percent of your total annual revenue.

Are architects allowed to market?

1-e An Architect may not solicit or permit others to solicit his name in advertisements or any other support for the publication that presents his work. He should not take part in paid advertisements endorsing materials of construction or equipment.

What is the average cost of a good architect?

There are many factors that affect the fees of architects. These include the location, the experience, and reputation of the architect, as well as the cost of the project. On average, fees range between $2,014 and $8,375 with an average cost of $5,126. However, fees may be higher or lower depending on how complex the job is.

Are there any plans that I can draw?

You don’t need much to create your house plans. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and a free software program. To draft your plans manually, you will need a drafting table and drafting tools.

What is the main focus for Architect’s Services?

1. Following the Client’s instructions, preparation of a design brief. 2 Assessment of the site, including analysis and assessment of the impact of proposed and existing development on its immediate surroundings. 3. Design and site development. 4 Structural design.

Who is a good architect?

They need to possess many qualities. An architect must have an excellent understanding of all aspects of building construction, including electrical and mechanical. Smarts are required. Smarts are not enough to make you an arch itect. But it will give you a solid foundation.