How Much Does A Computer Architect Make?

As of August 8, 2021, a computer architect in the United States make $32 per hour. The national average pay is $66,520 per year. On the high end, you can expect $171,000, whereas, on the lower end, you can expect the salary to be $22,500. The salary varies as it depends on location, years of experience, skills, and a lot more.

In San Mateo, CA, you can expect the annual salary to be $80,800. The computer architect can earn $77,974 annually in Berkley, CA. In Odessa, TX, this value is $74,261 per year. The salary varies from state to state.

What Is The Education of A Computer Architect?

According to Zippia, the resume data of 90 computer architects shows that 67% have a bachelor’s degree. 11% of these participants hold an associate degree, whereas 9% had a master’s degree. Only 6% of the computer architects hold a doctorate, whereas 7% fall under other degrees.

The resume data also indicated that 17% of the computer architects had computer science majors, 13% opted for information technology, 8% selected business and computer engineering. However, a majority of 54% falls under the category of other majors.

What Are Some of The Best States for A Computer Architect?

Zippia shows that Texas can be one of the best states for a computer architect with an average annual salary of $84,003 per year and the highest 10% earn $133,000. Arizona is also great for the computer architect, with an average yearly salary of $86,291. However, here the highest 10% earn $142,000.

Computer architects in New Hemisphere can earn up to $84,425 per year. The highest 10% earn $130,000. In Wisconsin, computer architects are making $80,829 per year. The highest 10% are earning $122,000.


The average salary of a computer architect varies from state to state. Some States are favorable for computer architects, such as Texas, Arizona, and a few more. Computer architects can earn more with a degree and certifications. The computer architects can get certifications for the success and growth in the career.

What does it take to become an architect in computer technology?

Computer Network Architects Work Experience

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many positions as computer network architects require at least five to ten years of experience with IT systems.

Are architects paid well?

What Does an Architect Earn? The median salary of an architect in 2019 was $80750. In 2019, the median salary for architects was $80,750. The highest-paid 25% made $105,600 while the lowest-paid 25% made $62,600.

What is the starting pay for a computer network architect/programmer?

What is the Average Salary of a Network Architect? The average salary of a network architect in the United States is $97123 per year or $46.69 per annum. The lowest 10%, which includes entry-level positions, make around $73,000 per year.

What is the Average Salary of a Computer Architect? – Similar Questions

What is a system architect?

A system architect analyses and recommends the optimal combination of IT components to accomplish a particular goal or department. They analyze and recommend the best combination of IT components and systems to achieve desired outcomes and processes.

What’s the role of a technical engineer?

The technical architect is a specialist in systems logistics who designs, implements, and maintains IT systems for clients. They design and manage new technology systems.

Can I become an architecture student with a computer science degree

Computer engineers benefit from a bachelor’s in computer science or engineering. Computer architects can pursue a master’s level education and have a deep understanding of operating systems and programming languages.

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Computer science focuses mainly on the resolution of software problems. You will learn programming languages and how to use operating systems. Computer engineering is about solving problems and creating software interfaces.

Can an architect make a million dollars? states that the average American architect’s salary is $83,535 in 2008. It will take an architect 120 years to become a millionaire if he or she saves 10% every month. Some architects are not starving artists.

Are architects able to make millions?

Many architects work for years, then go on to an internship. They earn much less. But what we do is equally important as architects. Recent surveys have shown that the average US salary for a sole proprietor is $70,000. An architect can make a good income, which is the good news.

How much can an architect earn in 2020?

2020’s hourly full-time average wage rate for professionals working in the natural and applied sciences (including architects) is $43.86. This employment group earns an average of $85,000 annually, with a median weekly wage rate of $1,634.

Are architects satisfied?

Happiness levels for architects are average. CareerExplorer is a company that conducts a survey with millions of people. We ask them how satisfied their careers are. According to our findings, architects are in the bottom 41% for careers that offer happiness.

Is it difficult to be an architect?

Architecture is hard work. People who have made it to the top in their field of architecture have made extraordinary sacrifices and worked hard. The education required to become an architect is lengthy and it isn’t very lucrative.

Does an architect need math?

Trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and geometry are all important components of architectural design. These math forms are used by architects to create their initial sketches or blueprints. The probability of potential problems for the construction crew is also calculated as they bring the design vision into reality in three dimensions.

What is the salary for computer science?

One of the most highly-paid Majors

According to Payscale’s 2019 College Salary Survey, computer science graduates made an average salary of $68,600 in their early careers and $114,000. In the middle of their careers, they earned an average salary of $114,000.

What skills are required for a network architect?

Network Architects must have strong communication, analytical and problem-solving skills. They should be leaders who can build teams and have a deep understanding of wireless systems, security, as well as computer operating systems.

What is the required degree to become a system architect

A bachelor’s degree is required to become a system architect. This includes experience in programming, systems architecture, and information technology. Strong speaking and writing skills are also necessary.

Which type of enabler should a system architect use?

During a System Demo, which type of enabler is a System Architect reviewing? SAFe’s exploration Enabler Story. They were first defined in Extreme Programming, (XP) and include activities like research, design, investigation, or exploration.

Do software engineers get paid well?

Software engineering is a smart career choice – it’s one of the most in-demand skills in the world and American software engineers earn a median salary of $112,000. Software engineers are not all created equal. There are many cities that pay software engineers much more than others.

Which one pays more for software engineering or computer science research?

Graduates who complete more mathematics, science, and engineering courses in college tend to have higher salaries. Computer science and software engineering are in greater demand than any other major. The salaries for these subjects are also higher.

What is it that makes a technical architect a great one?

A technical leader who is effective.

An architect excels in communication. They can explain the system’s goals and architecture, and they produce great written documentation.

What is the difference between a developer and an architect?

People who plan what they want to do and how they should do it. Developers are the ones who actually do it. You need to be able to understand what you are doing when building an application. Developers write programs that build these modules, integrate them, and create the entire application.

Are architects required to draw well?

You mean, “Do you need to be good at drawing in order to get into an architecture school?” then no. Although technical skills are a good indicator of talent, creativity is a must.

Are architects required to use computer science?

You need to be proficient in computer science engineering. In order to be an architect, you must have innovative and creative skills. There is a lot to be done in this field. If you are a renowned architect, you can make a lot of money.

Is there any difference between applied computer science (computer science) and computer science (computer science)?

What is the difference between computer science and applied computing? Computer science graduates typically have very specific skills in a particular area of IT. Applied computing programs, on the other hand, teach students the broad range of technical skills necessary to be successful in almost any IT job.