What Is A Junior Architect?

A junior architect works for an engineering or architectural firm, assisting the senior architect on architectural projects. A junior architect aids in the preparation and finalization of the building plans with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. A junior architect can also have internship experience.

How Much Does A Junior Architect Earn?

According to Indeed, as of August 10, 2021, the average base salary of a junior architect in the United States is $57,001. The most common benefits a junior architect gets with the salary include health insurance, health savings account, wellness program, on-site gym and gym membership, 401(k), 401(k) matching, and a lot more. 46% of junior architects are of the view that their salary is enough for the cost of living in the area.

The average annual salary of a junior architect in Plano, TX is $69,250 per year. It’s the highest in the United States, so a junior artist can enjoy a better lifestyle in Texas. Mostly, the junior architects are working in private companies. A few might opt to work for the government sector. The gender ratio shows that 48.5% of junior architects are men, whereas women are 42.9%.

What Degree Is Important to Become A Junior Architect?

According to Zippia resume data of 1487 junior architects, 70% of the junior architects had a degree in architecture. 5% had a degree in environmental design, 4% had a degree in architectural engineering, and 4% had a degree in interior design. It’s also interesting to know that 71% of these participants had a bachelor’s degree whereas 15% had a master’s degree.

A junior architect can expect to earn more with certain certifications. For example, some of the important certifications for a junior architect include LEED AP Building Design + Construction. The average age of an employed junior architect is 43 years old.


A junior architect is working under a senior architect, but playing an active role for the company. The junior architect earns a bachelor’s degree and certification can help in earning better than the national average in the United States.

What is a Junior Architect? The majority of junior architects/designers work in engineering and architectural firms. They use their talents to support various architectural projects. They assist in the development and completion of building plans, helping with important presentations, and preparing architectural plans.

What does it mean to be a junior architect?

A Junior Architect helps architects prepare plans and specifications to build and/or alter buildings. They are under the direction of an architect or a lead designer.

How long does it take for a junior architect to become an architect?

Students who do internships while in school may be eligible to count some of their time towards the 3-year training period. An intern in an architectural firm may be a part of the project’s design. They can help with the preparation of architectural documents and drawings, as well as building models.

What is an entry-level architect’s job?

As an entry-level Architect, your role is to design the conceptual designs for every project within your firm. This role may include designing landscapes or creating structures that meet commercial and residential needs.

What is a junior architect? Related Questions

How much do junior architects make?

The US salary range for junior architects / architectural designers is $43,200 to $64,800 with a median income of $54,000. The average salary of Junior Architects/Architects Designers in the US is $54,000. While the highest 67% make $64,800, that’s just 67%.

What are the responsibilities of a junior architect?

Most junior Architects/Designers work for engineering or architectural firms. They use their talents to support various architecture projects. These individuals are responsible for many tasks, including the preparation of architectural plans and designs, as well as assisting with essential presentations and the development and finalization of building plans.

Is it difficult to be an architect?

People who have made it to the top in their profession as architects have made extraordinary sacrifices and worked hard. It is not a lucrative career, it takes a long time to get a degree and you are responsible for a lot of legal issues.

What is the average time it takes to become an architect?

Three years of training is required to become a licensed architect. This often includes an internship in this field. Licensure is contingent on passing the six-division Architect Registration Examination. The cost for all six sections of the exam is $1,410.

How much does a beginning architect make?

Architect Starting Salary

Entry-level architects make an average of $45,000 per year—not dissimilar from an intern or assistant. This would mean an average hourly rate of $23.

What is an architect’s lowest salary?

What is the Average Salary for an Architect? In 2019, the median salary for an architect was $80,750. The top 25 percent earned $105,600, while the 25 percent with the lowest salaries made $62,600.

What salary does an entry-level architect earn?

The average salary of an entry-level architect is $44,409. A professional Architect earns about $79,144 annually. Architects design and plan houses, factories, office buildings, or other structures.

What does an architect do?

The logistics involved in bringing a design to life are also handled by architectural designers. They assist with the creation of digital plans from architectural sketches.

What is the average salary of an architect in California?

California average architect salary: $98,050.

Are architects able to use math?

In architectural design, trigonometry, algebra and geometry play an important role. These math formulae are used by architects when designing their blueprints and initial sketches. Since ancient times architects have used geometric principles for planning the spatial shapes and forms of buildings.