Can high school students get Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a great service for high school students. It offers free two-day shipping on millions of items, plus exclusive discounts and deals. And best of all, it’s free for six months when you sign up with a valid .edu email address. So if you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to get your school supplies, Amazon Prime Student is the perfect option.

High school students can get Amazon Prime Student. Amazon Prime Student is only available to students enrolled at a college or university. The platform is not accessible to high school, middle school, or primary school students. If you’re a student who has already signed up for Amazon Prime you don’t need to cancel.

To sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you must be a high school student. To do so, simply go to and enter your school email address. Be sure to include your expected graduation date in the subject you’re studying. You will also need a valid form of payment and an ID that shows the term and expected graduation date. You should use your actual school ID rather than a student ID, but an official acceptance letter may suffice.

If you’re a high school student, you can still sign up for Amazon Prime Student. You just need to enter a credit card number and you’ll be billed for the next six months. However, once you’re signed up for the free trial, you can cancel at any time. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, you can enjoy all of the other benefits of Prime. You can also get a three-month free trial of Amazon Music, which includes a monthly fee.

In addition, Amazon Prime Student is free for high school students. This service is only available to college and university students. Middle and primary school students cannot join the program. This is due to the terms and conditions of the program. It’s worth checking out the details and getting a free trial. So, sign up for Amazon’s student plan today! You’ll be glad you did.

Are you 18 to become a prime student? Prime Student requires that you (1) have an address, (2) have at least 18 years of age, (3) have enrolled in a university in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, and (4) have proof of enrollment. (5)

Is there an upper age limit for Amazon Prime Student Also, you must be at least 18 years old? It is mandatory that you are enrolled in a university or college located in the UK, Republic of Ireland, or elsewhere. You don’t have to show proof of enrollment at school when you sign up but Amazon will ask you if you can.

Are Amazon students only available to university students? A  Amazon Student offers the exact same benefits as regular Amazon Prime (99 USD per year) but at a reduced price. Students who are enrolled in at minimum one class at a college or university within the United States (including Puerto Rico) can get it.

Amazon Prime Student is available to high school students. Related Questions

Are school students eligible to receive Amazon Prime?

Many discounts are available for students. The life hack of Amazon Prime Student gives students a six-month free trial. After that, they receive a discounted rate at $6.49 per month or $59 per annum for Prime Student. Amazon will then ask you for your intended graduation year.

Amazon Student Prime is available to all eligible students

Anyone who is enrolled in at minimum one course at any college or university within the 50 US states, Washington DC or Puerto Rico can access Amazon Prime Student. Prime Student is available whether you are enrolled in a four-year college or a two-year college.

What does Amazon do to verify that you are a student?

To provide proof of enrollment, please send an e-mail to from the e-mail address associated with your account. Send a message with a scan, photo, or screenshot of any of the following.

Are you eligible to have Amazon Prime Student for longer than 4 years?

Amazon Prime benefits are available for up to four years as long as you remain a Prime Student member. We’ll then charge you the discounted rate for your Prime Student membership. Once your proof of enrollment has been verified, we’ll re-enroll to Prime Student.

What is the difference between prime and prime students?

Unlimited music streaming is the biggest difference between a Prime Student account and a traditional Prime account. Prime Student accounts can access unlimited music streaming via Amazon Music Unlimited, for a small fee. Prime members who are regular subscribers have unlimited access to over 2 million songs, ad-free.

How can you go from regular prime to student prime?

In order to transfer your membership from Amazon Prime to Prime Student, simply visit and complete the Prime Student sign-up process. Prime Student memberships do not require cancellation.

Is Prime student possible to share?

As a Prime Student member, it is not possible to share your benefits with anyone else. Prime Student members cannot share the Prime Student benefits.

What is the annual cost of student prime?

College students who haven’t yet tried Prime Student can sign up for a six-month trial at, and then enjoy Prime at half the price for just $6.49 per month or $59 per year.

If you are not a student, can you still use prime student?

You must be an active college student enrolled in at the least one course at any college in the United States, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. You cannot participate if you are a high school student or teacher.

What is Amazon Prime worth for college students?

Prime Student members will receive a $59/year renewal for their annual membership. Prime members pay $12.99 each month. Monthly Prime Student members pay $6.49 each month. In some states, Prime Memberships may be subject to sales taxes.

Amazon student prime is worth how much after the trial.

Prime Student (annual)

Prime Student costs only $6.49/month after you have completed your trial. You can cancel at any time. Are you not a student at college? Prime.

Are you able to open an Amazon account if you are under 18

A teen login lets teens aged 13-17 shop with their parent’s card and enjoy Prime benefits. Teens (13-17 years old) can shop online or stream content using an Amazon login. They can also pay with their parent’s card, or their Gift Card balance if they have enough.

Can students access Netflix free of cost?

Netflix offers no student discount. Everybody, even college students, must pay $7.99 per month for a Netflix subscription. While Netflix does not offer a discount for students, you can still watch Netflix at a cheaper price.

Is Amazon Prime really worth the cost?

Amazon Prime membership allows you to receive two-day shipping for $119 annually. You also get additional privileges like music streaming and video streaming. The benefits may outweigh the cost if you are a bookworm, a video enthusiast, or simply shop online often.

How do I become an Amazon Prime Student in 4 years?

Simply go to your Amazon account, click on ‘Manage student/prime membership’ and follow the instructions. If you are still a student, you might be required to submit additional documentation. In this case, you may need to wait for verification.

What is included with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

All eligible addresses qualify for free one-day delivery Eligible addresses receive two-day free delivery All eligible addresses qualify for free, no-rush shipping All eligible addresses qualify for a free scheduled delivery

Are there any student discounts available on Amazon laptops?

Student Discount Amazon: Amazon Prime Student

Prime Student offers special deals on electronics that students will need, including tablets, phones, and laptops.

How much does Amazon Prime cost monthly?

Prime membership costs £7.99 per month if you go for a monthly subscription. However, you can also opt for an annual subscription costing £79 per year, which works out at £6.58 per month.

Does Amazon do student discounts?

Amazon Prime Student is a unique Amazon Prime membership that’s available to college students who are currently enrolled. You get all the Prime perks at half the price of full Prime memberships.

How can I renew my student prime?

You can re-verify student status if you have an annual plan by going to Manage Your Student Membership within Your Account. Manage Your Prime Membership is available for monthly plans. You can re-verify student status by visiting Manage Your Prime Membership. To verify your student status, submit the requested documentation.

Amazon Prime is it per household or per person?

Two adults can share Prime benefits, digital content, and the Household’s financial responsibility. Amazon Household benefits can be shared by both adults. Both must link their Amazon Household accounts and agree to share payment methods. Each adult retains his or her own account, but the benefits are shared at no extra cost.