Do Colleges Look At Middle School Grades?

Do Colleges Look At Middle School Grades?

Do colleges look at middle school grades? No, they do not. Even the most competitive colleges do not consider middle school grades when deciding which applicants to accept.

If you are wondering whether your middle school grades will affect your college applications, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn everything important you need to know about middle school grades and college.

So do colleges consider middle school grades?

No, they do not. Your C in 6th-grade math will not prevent you from joining your dream university. Even the most prestigious colleges will not bother about your middle school grades when considering your application.

There are three main reasons why colleges do not consider middle school grades.

First, by the time students are applying to be admitted to colleges, some four or five years will have passed since they got their middle school grades.

Therefore, the grades will not be an accurate assessment of their recent academic performance. In other words, middle school grades are of no use to college admissions panels since they do not show the most recent academic performance of college applicants.

Second, middle school grades are quite subjective compared to high school grades. High school teachers are often more or less uniform in their strictness. They give their students grades that often closely reflect their performance. In contrast, middle school teachers are more likely to give their students grades that do not closely reflect their actual performance.

Therefore, college admission committees consider high school grades for fairness because the grades provide a more accurate picture.

Lastly, colleges typically have much better pieces of information to use to assess the suitability of students for their programs than middle school grades. The pieces of information include letters of recommendation, personal statements, extracurricular activities, standardized test scores, and high school transcripts. These pieces of information provide a much better picture of the suitability of students for various programs than the useless picture provided by their middle school grades.

So if colleges do not consider middle school grades, what grades do they consider?

While college admission panels do not consider middle school grades, they are very much interested in the high school grades of applicants. This is because high school grades provide a more accurate picture of the recent academic performance of applicants.

Colleges usually ask you to submit all your high school transcripts. Most of the time your most recent grades at the time of your college application are your junior year grades. Therefore, colleges often look at them closely to assess your most recent performance.

Different colleges look at different things when assessing your transcripts. However, the most important thing to them is that your GPA meets their requirements and that your junior year grades show you are on the right track to becoming a successful college student.

While junior year grades are often closely scrutinized by college admission panels, this does not mean your senior year grades are not important. Most colleges ask you to upload your senior year grades as soon as you get them. They use them to check your complete high school performance, your final GPA, and how you performed in your final year in high school.

Do middle school grades matter?

By this point of this post, you do know that middle school grades are not considered at all when you apply for college. However, this does not mean that they do not matter. You should still work hard to get excellent grades in middle school. This is because of three main reasons.

First, by performing well in middle school (where things are fairly easy), you will get the confidence and determination to continue working hard and performing well in high school. In contrast, when you slack in middle school and barely get promoted to the next level of education, you will find it difficult to perform well in higher classes.

Second, by performing well in middle school, you set yourself up for success in the future. This is because each course you pass very well means you have understood its topics very well. This will build up a good foundation and understanding of various concepts and topics that you will later encounter in high school.

Lastly, by performing well in middle school, you put yourself in a position to get scholarships in high school if you need them. Public high schools are obviously free across the USA. But sometimes the ones in your school district may not be good enough. This is why some parents opt to take their kids to private schools which can be expensive. So by performing well in middle school, you can get scholarships when you go to a non-public high school – scholarships that can significantly reduce the amount of money your parents or guardians have to pay annually.

How to prepare for college in middle school?

There are several things you can do to prepare for college in middle school. They include;

Performing well in all your classes

While no college will consider your junior high grades during admission, performing well in all your middle school classes will increase your likelihood of getting enrolled for advanced classes in your first year in high school. And this is something colleges will see when reviewing your high school transcripts.

Moreover, when you perform well in middle school, you will get the confidence and the determination to continue performing well in high school and this will increase your chances of getting admitted to your dream university. Lastly, by performing well in middle school, it means you will have gained plenty of knowledge and understanding of various topics and concepts. This will definitely help you to start strong in high school, which will increase your likelihood of getting admitted to a good college.

Take extracurricular activities seriously

In middle school, students often have plenty of time to participate in extracurricular activities. This is because the academic workload is often very light.  However, many middle school students do not take extracurricular activities seriously. They do not know they may have talents that they can start developing while young and that these talents can give them sponsorship or scholarship opportunities in high school or college.

They also do not know that by starting to participate in extracurricular activities early, they can continue doing so easily in high school and record great success. And that this can significantly increase their chances of getting admission into their dream universities.


Middle school grades do not matter to colleges. However, they do matter to the students who get them. By working hard to get good grades in middle school, a student can learn and understand plenty of concepts and topics. This will give them a strong start in high school. Moreover, by working hard to get good grades in middle school, a student can create excellent study habits that can help them significantly in high school.

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