Does Sims 3 university life come with a new town?

The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack is full of new content for your Sim to experience. One of the most exciting additions is the new town, which you can only access while you are a student at university. This means that if you want to take full advantage of all that the expansion pack has to offer, you’ll need to go back to school! In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes the new town so special and how to get there.

Sims 3 University Life comes with a New Town? Re: Does Sims 3 University have a new community? There is not a new town. Only sims who are young adult sims can apply to university. To apply for university, you will need to create your family or select a household from the saved games.

The Sims 3 university life focuses most of its new content on the newly introduced University Campus town. When your Sim enrolls, they will be whisked away to a new location, while their home time is frozen. They’ll move into a new house, which is a lot larger than their current one, and a new lecture hall and sports arena will be built. There will also be three different social groups, including the nerds.

The expansion also introduces new traits, including a smart phone and a juice peg. The smart phone gives your Sim the ability to text and snap pictures. The game also introduces three different social groups. These groups do not define your sims, but are just there to provide more variety. There are also new buildings, houses, and sororities to explore. If you’re not a fan of groups, you can choose to stay in your original home and keep your new one.

The Sims 3 university life expansion pack is a great addition to The Sims 3. It allows players to explore more of the world. This includes new social groups, new jobs, and a fully featured University campus. Players can live in dorms or apartments, rent apartments, and take care of their own finances. They can even join a frat or sorority and annoy their roommates.

What Sims 3 expansion packs include new towns? Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion introduces a new neighborhood that Sims can explore, speedboats and even houseboats.

What is the town that comes with Sims 3’s future Sims 3? Details. Emit Relevart will appear in the main universe as a time traveler. Sims will receive the almanac for time from him and he will leave his portal to allow Sims to travel to Oasis Landing.

What is Sims 3 University Life? The Sims 3 University Life Pack is the ninth expansion pack for The Sims 3. The Expansion offers social groups, new career options, and a fully-featured University campus Sims can visit to obtain their degrees in any of six majors.

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Which Sims 3 Town has more houses?

The house is Sunset Valley’s largest and most expensive home, as well as one of The Sims 3. The Landgraab house is not like other houses built by long-generation sims. The bizarre attic space is open to the elements and has the left and right sides of the house open.

Sims 3 is a futuristic simulation game that allows you to create a new world.

Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack offers a Futuristic World, Skills, Careers and Sim clothing, as well as hairstyles that fit the experience.

Is there a door hidden in the desert?

One of Oasis Landing’s default wasteland lots is the Crash site. This is the only wasteland with a Mysterious Door.

Are The Sims 3’s future plans worth it?

All in all, I am impressed with The Sims 3 Into the Future. Eleven expansions seems a bit excessive considering all the stuff packs, mini-expansions, and other items they’ve added in to the online store. However, Into the Future is worth a look if you are still a big fan of the Sims franchise.

Can Sims get pregnant in university?

Sims can become pregnant while they are at University. Living in University Housing will encourage you to find a better place to care for your child.

What is the length of a Sims 3 term?

University in Sims 3 includes 1 Term (7 Sims days) (Real Live: 2 Years Community College) and 2 Term (14 Sim Day) (Real Live: 4 Years University) as well as Young Adult (18 & over).

What is the time for graduation at Sims 3 University?

Graduation is Saturday at noon. It will award your Sim a diploma. Your Sim will also receive an additional trait slot, which allows you to have six traits with a maximum of seven social group traits. It is possible to switch the free trait by obtaining a second degree.

What’s the best job in Sims 3?

The Medical profession is the most lucrative if the players want to earn more. The World Renowned Surgeon at the top of the Medical career has the highest earnings per semaine, while the Military (Astronaut) has only one per week.

Sims 3: Are you a superhero?

The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion will focus on your virtual career. The fact that you can now live the life of an aspiring superhero is something that will shake things up. That’s right. You will be able take your Sim on the streets to fight crime, and save kittens.

Where is Sunset Valley located in Sims 3

Sunset valley is a suburb within Sim City. It’s located on Sim Nation’s small continent, where the people speak simlish.

Your Sims can move to a new town.

It is easy to move Sims from one house to another. First, select the move option from your Sim’s phone. Place the Sims moving in the correct box. You will have the option of selling the house and packing or selling the family’s property.

Summer Hill Court Sims 3: Where are they located?

Summer Hill Court is a Sunset Valley area, which can be downloaded using The Sims 3. This area includes three lots for residential use, with each lot facing Summer Hill Springs park.

Sims 5 Cancelled

Although we have not received any information regarding the progress of The Sims 5, we believe that The Sims 5 remains in development.

Is The Sims 3 better than 4?

Both games have strengths and weaknesses. The Sims 3 provides a unique gameplay experience, with lots of customization and personality options. The Sims 4 is the best choice if you want Sim-specific customization and an increase in emotion. It also runs faster.

How can you locate your Sims 3 descendants?

To view your Descendants, you can access the Almanac of Time from your Sim’s phone in the Inventory. If there are major changes, such as where they live and the Sims who will be born with their Timeline in its current status, you will receive notification.

How can you win the Sims 3 Lottery?

The Sims 3 Into the Future. Lotto is a lottery feature that can be found in The Sims 3 Into the Future. The grocery can sell lotto tickets. Drawings take place at 7 p.m. every day. You have a better chance of winning if you buy multiple tickets.

How do you reach the oasis landing?

Oasis Landing is only available in the Future. It can be reached in-game from any place your Sims decide to live in. Your Sim’s actions during the Present will alter its fate. Pick a town, load the save or previous save to get started if you want to explore the Future World.

What is the Time Machine doing in Sims 3

The Time Machine is an innovative, dimension- and time-bending device that offers Sims a completely new experience. Not to be confused With Wellsian Time Portal. The Sims 3: Ambitions features a time machine.

How can you be a trendsetting Sims 3 player?

Unlock the Trendsetter Legacy Statue

To change their outfits, four Sims will need to use the clothing pedestals that you have placed in the Present Town. Your first question to complete the Trendsetter will be “Where are your display pedestals for clothing?””.

What is The Sims 3 Late Night expansion package?

The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack is available for the PC. This expansion pack lets Sims experience the bustling city life in a new way. They can go to the local dive bars and clubbing spots, or party with blood-sucking vampires. New housing options have been created for your Sim family, including apartments and elevators.

Is it possible to send Sims to university but not go with them?

It is possible to send all your Sims together to university without having to manage them all. You can still have your Sims’ college experience with the non-played Sims.