How far is it from Dallas to College Station?

The drive from Dallas to College Station is around three hours. However, the trip feels much shorter thanks to the scenic route options available. Whether you choose to go through Waco or Bryan-College Station, there are plenty of things to see and do along the way. So pack up your car and hit the road for a Texas adventure!

Is it far from Dallas to College Station

How far is it from Dallas to College Station in Texas? The distance between the two cities is 152 miles, and the flight time is about 2 hours, 51 minutes. There are a number of different ways to travel between these two destinations, but a car is probably the easiest option. A taxi ride will cost around $20, but you’ll probably need a rental car. If you’re flying, there are many options available, including an airport shuttle.

Taking a cab to College Station is a great way to save money, but you can also drive. The distance from Dallas to Houston is about 260 miles, which includes 99.4 miles on motorways. Using precise satellite coordinates of highways, the distance between the two cities is calculated using the shortest road route. If you prefer to fly, there are other options, such as flights, buses, and trains.

Taking a taxi from Dallas to College Station can save you a lot of money. In addition to cab fares, taxis are more affordable than traditional hotels. However, if you want to go by car, you’ll need to plan ahead. This way, you’ll have more time for sightseeing and traveling. You’ll be in the country’s largest city in the process.

What is the distance from College Station to Dallas? Driving directions from Dallas to College Station

Distance between the two locations is 188 miles. It will take approximately 3 hours to get from College Station to College Station.

How far from Dallas is college? From Dallas to College Station, it is 150.93 mi (or 289.68 km) in the south. You can also drive 180 miles (289.68 km) along I-35E S. If you drive non-stop, Dallas and College Station will be 2 hours 47 minutes apart. This is the fastest route between Dallas, TX and College Station, TX.

Is College Station Texas Safe? College Station’s chance of being victim to violent or property crime is 1 in 43. FBI crime data shows that College Station is not among America’s safest cities. College Station’s crime rate is significantly higher than Texas’s cities and towns.

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Is College Station Texas a great place to live?

College Station is the U.S. 11th fastest-growing municipality according to WalletHub. The city also ranks #1 on the Forbes list of best small cities in Texas for careers and business, and the #1 spot on the U.S. list of best places to retire in Texas.

Is there a major airport near College Station Texas?

College Station (CLL), 3 miles away, is the closest airport. Houston (IAH), Austin (AUS), (85.2 miles), and Houston Hobby Apt (92.8 miles) are all nearby airports.

How close are Houston & Dallas?

The distance (airline) between Dallas, Texas and Houston is 225.84m (363.46km). According to the route planner it takes 240.70 mi (387.37km). It takes approximately. 4h 29min.

Is there an Austin bus that goes from College Station?

It is rare to see more than one bus per day between College Station and Austin. The bus leaves College Station station at 5:00 PM each day. For specific dates, the time may vary so make sure to search Wanderu for up-to-date information. There is typically only one bus per day between College Station and Austin.

Is College Station TX in flood?

Many creeks in the City of College Station can cause flooding during heavy rain events. Flood Insurance Rate Maps are (FIRM) available in the City College Station. These maps identify all floodplain areas within city limits.

What is College Station renowned for?

College Station is located in Brazos County, Texas. It is home to Texas A&M University.

Is College Station Texas expensive?

Summary of cost of living in College Station (Texas), United States: The monthly costs for a single person are 802$, without rent. College Station is 37.44% more expensive than New York (without renting). The average rent in College Station is 73.15% cheaper than New York.

Is College Station connected to an airport?

Home – Easterwood Airport | College Station, Texas.

Which airport is best for Texas A&M?

Easterwood Airport (IATA Code: CLL), ICAO : KCLL and FAA LID : CLL: Easterwood Field) serves as the regional airport for Texas A&M University Bryan-College Station and Brazos county, Texas.

How far is it from Houston to Dallas?

How far is it from Houston, TX, to Dallas, TX. Driving time from Houston, TX to Dallas, TX takes 3 hours 29 minutes.

Is Dallas near Austin?

Distance between Dallas & Austin is 293km (182 miles). Distance between Dallas and Austin is 315km (196 mi).

How can I get from San Antonio – Austin without a car

It takes approximately 1h 30m to travel from Austin and San Antonio by bus. The cost is $6 – $27. What is the travel time from Austin to San Antonio? It takes 1h 30m for a bus to go from Austin, Tx. Transfers are included. The bus leaves twice daily.

How far are Houston and San Antonio from each other?

Driving distance between Houston, TX and San Antonio, TX, is 197 miles (317 km). The distance straight line from Houston, TX, to San Antonio is 189 miles. This equals 305 km or just 165 nautical miles.

Houston, where is College Station located?

College Station, city, Brazos county, southeastern Texas, U.S. It lies just 96 miles (154km) northwest of Houston and is located adjacent to Bryan.

College Station is how cold can it get?

College Station has hot summers that are oppressive, while its winters are cold and wet. Partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 42°F to 96°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 101°F.

Is College Station an ideal place to start a family?

It’s a great place to raise a family

Kiplinger has repeatedly ranked College Station among the best places in America to raise a family due to its low crime rate, affordable housing, and top-ranked schools.

Texas A&M: Does it snow?

Today, Aggieland doesn’t have snow, but it was five years ago!

Is College Station affordable to live in?

A Bloomberg study found that College Station is the least affordable area to live in based on the amount of income the household spends on rent. The median rent is the amount of income that goes to rent each month.

Is College Station Texas powerless?

We offer electric, water, and wastewater services and provide a 24 hour dispatch service for commercial and residential customers in College Station. Send an email to 855.528 to report power outages, water line breakages, wastewater spills or backups, as well as other problems with electric, water, or wastewater. 4278.

Is Dallas a safe city?

Dallas is generally considered to be a safe city. The crime statistics are not shocking and most residents agree that Dallas has a moderately safe environment. There are exceptions to these areas: South Dallas, Fair Park Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, and North West Dallas.

Is it flooding in Bryan, TX?

Bryan’s local flood danger

Bryan is prone to excessive rainfall due to its humid-subtropical climate. It is also close to the Texas coast.