How Long Is Barber School?

How Long Is Barber School?

How long is barber school? Depending on the state, the required number of hours to complete a barbering program is between 1500 to 2000 hours, which can be done within 1-2 years. Some states allow an apprenticeship route that can take up to 4000 hours and two years to get completed.

The barbering school training program is only one step to be able to work as a barber. Once school is completed, an exam needs to take place, which will give the final license. In the U.S, the required hours to be done in school vary by state. Therefore in some areas, it can take longer and in some shorter.

Some schools allow part-time attendance. In this case, you are looking at two years lineup instead of the one typically needed when attending full-time.

The actual route to becoming a barber includes a GED or a high school diploma. The exact requirement to become a licensed barber are:

  • Be at least 16
  • Highs school diploma or GED
  • Complete training at an approved barber or cosmetology school
  • Pass examination ( which means also pay a fee for examination and licensing)

When considering all the requirements, the actual time you have to consider to become a barber is minimally four years in high school, plus at least one year in barber school. Overall, you need to think with a five years training route.

Once a person becomes a licensed barber, the work is not over. Typically, most states require the license to be renewed every year by completing specific requirements.

What Do You Learn in Barber School?

There are several topics and subject matter that a student will learn in barber school. In addition, each student will do a lot of practicing to become proficient and professional in performing each task. Here some of the things one can expect to find in a barber school:

  • Hygiene
  • Haircutting (Cutting and Trimming)
  • Shaving
  • Styling
  • Dying
  • Facial hair care
  • Health and safety
  • Chemistry
  • Skincare
  • Business management
  • Barber tools and their uses
  • Infection control
  • Physiology
  • Bacteriology

The curriculum may vary depending on the school. At the end of the training program, one gets a certificate and can pass the exam to get the license.

Before enrolling in a barber school, you have to consider a few things, such as if the school is state-licensed (otherwise you will not get a license), if the school is reputable, and the graduation rate. Those few information allow you to know that you are going to a good school.

There are other things to consider before enrolling in a school, for example, if you can commit to attending the needed hours and if you can financially afford the costs. In some cases, it is possible to take advantage of financial aids in place for those who can’t afford to pay in full.

Finally, some schools offer a placement service, meaning they can provide help to get a job to students after completing their program.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Barber School?

Barber school costs anything from $2.000 to $11.000 and more depending on the school chosen by the student. For example, private schools are going to be more expensive than ordinary schools. In fact, some private schools can charge over $11.000 for less than 2.000 hours of study programs.

While a barber college could charge as low as $2500 for the complete program. Those choosing a barbering career have to consider additional costs, such as the $50 to renew the license periodically and the examination fee to get the license ( it can be anywhere from $100 to $200 depending on the state).

Student financial aid programs may be available in some schools, and some barbering training programs may participate in federal aid programs and offer grants and loans to students.

Is Barbering Hard To Learn?

Barbering is not hard to learn. It requires practice and patience. Barber schools today provide plenty of training and plenty of practicing so that anyone can understand how to do it. It is possible to watch others doing the work in school, doing it yourself, and asking questions when something is not clear.

It is possible to say with certainty that anyone can learn after 1500-2000 hours of training in barbering.

Besides the actual hair cutting and other manual work, a barber needs to deal with people who have different demands and expectations. People who do not like to interact with other people may have a problem when meeting demanding customers. Barber schools have courses that help resolve those kinds of issues too.

Related Questions

Do Barbers Make a Lot Of Money?

Typically, barbers make anything from $35.000 to $50.000 a year, which means that the average hourly rate is between $13 to $19. Barbers who work for VIPs or in Barbershops located in high-cost areas can earn a lot of money because they charge way more than a typical barber.

What’s The Difference Between a Barber And a Hairdresser?

Barbers are trained to do simple hair cuts that take little time compared to hairstyling performed by a hairdresser. Hairdressers can do more complex hair work and styling, such as coloring, perms, and complicated hair cuts.

Barbers are typically known as men’s hairdressers, even though they can serve women as well. However, barber shops have a masculine environment when compared to a classic hairdresser salon. This is why commonly men go to a barbershop and women to a hairdresser.

What Does Barber Mean?

A barber is a person who specializes in cutting hair, shaving, and trimming beards. It comes from the word Barbour, which means beard. However, in earlier times, a barber was known to perform surgeries and dental work. Things have developed and changed through history, and barbers have become men hairdressers mainly.

How Long Does a Barber Take?

Barbers usually perform simple hair work, and a barber should take anything from 15-40 minutes to perform a hair cut, depending on how complicated it is. This time should not include hair washing with shampoo.

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