How Long Is Cosmetology School?

How Long Is Cosmetology School?

How long is cosmetology school? Cosmetology school will on average take 42 weeks of classes and 1,500 hours of training. However, this depends on the individual state’s required training hours, the type of school, and if the school is attended full-time or part-time by the student. It’s not unusual to spend upwards of 2 years to complete the required training.

Each state can determine the number of hours a student should do in training while attending cosmetology school. For example, the lowest number of hours required in some states like Massachusetts is 1000, and the highest can be over 2100 hours, such as South Dakota.

To determine the exact required hours is necessary to contact that state licensing board and obtain the correct information.

Here is a practical example of how long cosmetology school can take in case of a state requirement of 1500 hours:

  • Full-time: providing the school is attended eight hours a day for at least five days a week ( 40h a week), the school can be completed within 38 weeks, which means ten months.
  • Part-Time: If the school is attended only a few hours a day, and pretending at least four hours a day, then are necessary 20 months to get through.

For the one attending part-time, the school can last a few years. This estimate can be further modified from the school curriculum, including more or fewer items and required hours.

Some states require a high school diploma or GED before letting someone enroll in cosmetology school. Therefore this timeline can further increase if this is the case. In some state, those that do not have a high school diploma or a GED can still enroll, but they have to do extra classes.

In this case, cosmetology school can take a bit longer. On the other side, training on specific disciplines, such as nails or makeup, and not on a complete cosmetology program, can reduce the length of time it takes to graduate. In this case, one can enroll in a beauty school.

How Long Is Cosmetology School For Makeup?

Cosmetology schools include a program that teaches everything about makeup. The makeup artistry course, which is usually part of cosmetology school, in itself takes about 1 to two months.

In the U.S, makeup artists are licensed and administered by cosmetology boards, and thus, they need to have a cosmetology license. Only two states so far issue licenses for makeup artists, and those are Nevada and Louisiana. If you live in those states, you can enroll on a specialized makeup artistry school or course and get licensed.

Therefore cosmetology school for makeup takes as long as a typical cosmetology school in most states. However, it is possible to choose a cosmetology school with only basics programs like makeup, nails, and few others, to reduce and narrow the field of expertise one wants to master.

How Long is Cosmetology School In California?

In general, a cosmetology school in California requires 1600 hours of training to get a cosmetology license. Additionally, in California, it is possible to participate in an apprenticeship program for cosmetologists.

Students who are still training can begin to work under an experienced cosmetologist and earn money. Such a program is a two-year program of 3200 hours, with additional 2200 hours required to be done studying.

The requirements for participating in this apprenticeship program are age at least 16, being through the 10th grade, having a program sponsor, and even do a pre-apprenticeship program of 39 hours.

How Long Is Cosmetology School For Nails?

The nail technician program is part of cosmetology school and can take between 200 and 600 hours to get completed, and between 4 to 10 months, depending on the time allotted to the program. But such a program varies in length and time also based on each state requirement.

In fact, while in some states, it can take as low as 200 hours, in some others can take over 600 hours. The course is divided between theory and practical. It takes this much time because it teaches all the basics of nail care, sanitation, and other vital information on manicures, pedicures, nail art, and even foot massage.

Related Questions

What State Has The Highest Cosmetology Hours?

South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska have the highest required cosmetology hours. They ask for 2100 hours to be done. They are followed by Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming with 2000 hours. The state that requires the lowest hours is New York, with 1000.

What Are The Different Types Of Jobs You Can Have In Cosmetology?

Licensed cosmetologists have many opportunities to find work in various fields. For example, they can become Salon Manager, Permanent Makeup Artist, Nail Technician/Manicurist, Massage Therapist, Fashion Designer, Esthetician, Barber, and Electrologist.

A license in cosmetology is one certification that can open the door to many career opportunities, which is very good for people trying to find work. They are not limited to one specific area only, and thus they have more work opportunities.

Is Cosmetology School Difficult?

Cosmetology school is not difficult but requires persistence and hard work. Being a mixture of practical exercises and study over a textbook, such a school require endurance and versatility. It also requires the mastery of soft skills necessary to deal with people who may not always be lovely. Additionally, the school requires the physical ability to stand and work for long hours.

What Is The Difference between Beauty School and Cosmetology School?

A beauty school is a trade school or technical school that is a postsecondary educational school. It prepares people for a specific job or career.

There is no need for a degree to attend such a school, and one can get a certificate when completed. Such a school focus on preparing student practically, making them work while training. Beauty schools offer programs like barbering, makeup, and esthetician training.

Cosmetology school is a more comprehensive and advanced study of beauty treatments. Therefore, it is more extensive than a beauty school. In addition to training and extensive study of subject matters and extensive practicing, cosmetology school prepares students to be professional and understand how to sell products to clients and run a salon. In other words, it has business training included.

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