How Long Is Hair School?

How long is hair school? Hair school is typically part of cosmetology school, and it can take between 6 months to two years. However, the length of time can vary depending on the state requirements, school, and students’ schedules (part-time or full-time).

Different schools may have diverse curriculum and timelines for completion. In addition, every state may have additional requirements in terms of apprenticeship hours, licensing, and mandatory subjects to study.

Hair school can be done as part of cosmetology school or vocational schools. To attend cosmetology school is necessary to have a high school diploma or a GED. Once in school, it takes around two years to complete it and graduate with an associate’s degree.

The required hours for cosmetology school vary depending on the state. The hours can range from 1000 in one state to even 2500 in some other state.

However, the average is typically 1500 hours. A hairstylist will learn to cut hairs and multiple ways to style hairs with many hair design elements.

What Does An Hair Stylist do?

A hairstylist does things like hair cuts, hair coloring, shampooing, and of course, styling. Hairstylists learn how to use tools such as clippers, electric devices such as razors and styling tools, and how to apply hair extensions. The techniques learned can be how to do heat treatments, like perms.

Cosmetology school or hair school teaches students how to be creative in performing hairstyles and teaches students interpersonal skills to deal with different types of clients, from the most demanding to the most polite.

In addition, a hair stylist can also recommend products to clients and advice them on how to use those products. Hairstylists have many work opportunities in many places such as beauty salons, spas, hotels, beauty schools, retirement homes, cruise ships, and many other businesses.

What Skills Do You Need To Be a Hair Stylist?

To successfully attend hair school and get through it in the shortest time possible, a few skills will be beneficial and will help a hairstylist even after school. For example, one of the skills required is creativity.

Hairstyling is not a static field. Trends and fashions are changing all the time. Hairdressers need to create hairstyles and use some imagination to adapt a style to a person or even create new styles. Clients could ask for advice, and a little creativity can come in handy.

Hairstylists need to have soft skills and be customer service-oriented. Clients are the most important thing for a hairstylist. Therefore, one has to learn to be polite, friendly and deal with the most demanding clients without becoming rude. In addition, good relationships with existing clients will bring more customers through word of mouth.

Listening skills are also critical to engage clients and understand their needs and satisfy them. Physical endurance and dexterity are also vital because the job requires standing many hours and serving several clients consecutively.

Hairstylists need to have a good sense of tidiness. They have to keep themselves and the working space in order and cleaned at all times. There are many health and safety standards to maintain, and a good sense of organization is necessary. Other necessary skills are time management and the inclination to solve problems.

Do Hair Stylists Make Good Money?

Hairstylists’ salary depends on the location, type of practice, and skills. On average hairstylists, wages vary between $ 14.000 and $ 53.000. The best-paid hairdressers get an average of $36.000 per year, while the least paid can get as low as $ 20.000 on average.

Locations can determine the variation of salaries. For example, in New York City, a hairdresser can potentially earn $40.000 per year. Top-level hairdressers can make up to $ 20 per hour, while the salary can be as low as $9 per hour at beginner level. Some of the states that pay the most are Washington, New Jersey, and New York.

Salary can also vary by industry. For example, people working in the personal care industry could earn an average of $31.000 a year, while those working for art companies can earn up to $70.000 per year, which is one of the highest salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hairdressing a Good Career?

Hairdressing offers many opportunities to those who want to pursue this career. For example, depending on where a person works, it can offer the possibility to travel and visit the world and meet many people. In addition, it is a type of work that will never end. Everyone needs a hairdresser sooner or later.

The job can be flexible and done on a part-time or full-time basis, and it can be arranged to be done at the worker’s convenience. At the same time, it allows meeting many people, and it will help develop soft skills and communication skills.

Is Hairdressing a Stressful Job?

Hairdressing can be stressful because clients can be demanding and some even rude, the hours can belong, and it can be heavy on someone’s body because of having to stand many hours. In addition, the work environment can be stressful if there are over-controlling or mean supervisors.

Time management issues can also generate stress. For example, a hairstylist that cannot organize will become stressed very quickly due to work overload and problems caused by the poor organization. Disputes over commissions and bad relationships with co-workers can also generate stress.

What Are The Advantages Of Being a Hairdresser?

The advantages of being a hairdresser are many, from the possibility of meeting many people to arrange a convenient work schedule. In addition, a hairdresser has the option to open a salon and be independent. Hairstylists have many work opportunities in many fields and have endless customers (around 6 billion!).

A career as a hairdresser can be started as a second job. For example, one can begin cosmetology school part-time and build up a second career parallel with another job. It can be a side hustle for some people who want to make extra money, with the vision of starting a salon later on.