How many students live on campus at UTK?

It’s no secret that college can be expensive. And for students who choose to live on campus, the cost of room and board can add up quickly. So just how many students at the University of Tennessee live on campus? According to the UTK Housing and Residence Life website, as of Fall 2018, there are 7,681 undergraduate students living in university housing. That’s out of a total undergraduate population of 27,501! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what that number means and also explore some of the pros and cons of living on campus. Stay tuned!

How many students are on UTK’s campus? What is the current student population on campus? Although student numbers fluctuate from time-to-time, approximately 7,100 students live in residence halls at the moment.

While you may have heard that there are about 25,000 students living on campus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, you might be wondering how many actually live on campus. The good news is that 80% of UTK’s freshman class resides on campus. As of the beginning of the spring semester, the residence halls were nearly full, with approximately 84% occupancy. However, some students are less than happy with the situation.

When deciding on an apartment, consider what amenities are important to you. Some student apartments have community swimming pools, while others do not. If you’re a swimmer, a pool is important. If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, an outdoor grill is a must. Traditional apartments may be far from campus, and they don’t have services for matching roommates. You might be better off renting an entire townhouse, as long as it’s close enough to campus.

The University of Tennessee Knoxville is located in downtown Knoxville, a small city that has sixteen distinct neighborhoods. Marble City is located northwest of the UTK campus, while Fort Sanders and Old City are closer to the university. The neighborhood offers several parks and is a great place to spend a few hours a week. The school also has a number of dormitories. For students who wish to live off campus, student apartments are an excellent choice.

What percentage of UTK students live on campus University of Tennessee’s total undergraduate enrollment is 24,254 (fall 2020). The gender distribution of students at the University of Tennessee is 47% male and 53% female. 27% of students live in college owned, -operated, or -affiliated accommodation, and 73% live on campus.

Are freshman required to live on campus at University of Tennessee? To maintain the quality of first-year experiences, UT requires that all students live on campus. Housing for Transfer- and Returning Students is an option. It is subject to availability.

How many students are there at UTK 2020 University of Tennessee has 24,254 undergraduate students (fall 2020), with a gender balance of 47% male and 53% female students.

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Where are University of Tennessee Students Living?

To the north of the UTK campus, you will find the following neighborhoods: Marble City, Fort Sanders and Downtown Knoxville. These neighborhoods are home of many UTK students, and they all can be reached by walking from campus.

What percentage of students complete UTK?

Over 6,000 professional and graduate students are enrolled under the guidance of 1,500 faculty members. Graduate programs are a way for faculty to connect with students and other scholars who share a common interest and passion in creative work and advanced learning.

As a UTK freshman, can you drive on campus?

Although it may sound silly, this is a valid question. Many universities prohibit students from driving on campus. Students at the University of Tennessee can bring their vehicles to campus. Parking is managed by the Parking Services office.

Is Utk a requirement that you live on campus?

Freshmen at the University of Tennessee Knoxville must live on campus. But don’t worry, there are two types of room available at the university: community and suite style.

Is Utk subject to a curfew

To ensure student safety and help develop responsibility, a curfew was established. All students must be at the residence hall by 10:00 pm on weekdays (Sunday to Friday) and in their rooms by 11:00 pm on weekdays.

Can you live off campus in your first year at UTK

Optional Upper-Division Students

Students in upper division may live anywhere but students in their first year cannot live at apartment-style halls. Although apartment-style halls may not be available in all areas, upper-division students have the right to request one during each year’s room selection.

How much of UTK are out of state?

In Fall 2021 the University of Tennessee Knoxville enrolled 31,701 students. This includes 25,067 undergraduates. 74% of undergraduates are from the state of Tennessee, while 13% of graduate/professional students are international.

Is Utk a party-school?

It is a party school where sports and activities are the main focus. There is also a greek community at the school. UTK is considered one of the largest party schools.

How much of UTK is Greek-based?

Around 18% of students at UT belong to a fraternity/sorority. Hunter Jones, former president and CEO of UT Interfraternity Council said that Greek life was a big part of his college experience.

Is Utk married?

Married Student Housing Solutions

For college students, there are many options for married student housing. You have many choices, including off-campus apartments and married college dormitories. It is important to think about your needs as both a student or spouse. You will also need financial considerations, as we mentioned previously.

What GPA is required to be a Tennessee resident?

University of Tennessee will require you to have a 3.96 grade point average. To be competitive with other applicants, your grades will need to be nearly perfect in all of your classes. To demonstrate your ability to succeed in academic challenges, you should have taken a lot of AP and IB classes.

Is it possible to park at UTK on weekends

After 6:00 pm on weekdays until 3:00 am – the parking structure is FREE and available for guests to the University of Tennessee and the Cumberland Ave merchants to park. Except for home football game weekends, the hours are 6:00am to 3:00am on weekends. You cannot park overnight in this garage.

Can commuters park overnight UTK?

Students with regular student types of paid permits (C, PC or N, PN T, GF and GS) can park in Commuter spaces or unreserved staff spaces between 5:00 PM and 3:00 AM. To avoid being cited and/or towable, the vehicle must be removed by 3:00 a.m.

Is UT Knoxville a desert campus?

The University of Tennessee can be described as a dry campus. According to university regulations, it is prohibited to serve, consume, possess, be under the influence, or display an alcoholic beverage.

Are Aspen Heights only available to students?

We treat students as adults. Aspen Heights Management has taken over Grand Campus Living and rebranded it as Aspen Heights Management. Aspen Heights Management provides student housing management and development services to some the most respected universities in the country.

Is Utk an arid campus?

UT remains a strictly dry campus. Students caught with alcohol will be punished. Students who are drunk can use the Good Samaritan Policy to reach appropriate authorities (UT staff, police 911, etc.). Reporting yourself or anyone else who needs medical attention is easy.

Are UT dorms allowed to have pets?

University of Texas at Austin (University). Individuals can bring their animals on University property according to federal and state laws. Other situations are subject to this policy. On campus, service animals are permitted in University buildings and housing.

Are air fryers permitted in UTK dorms

Residence Halls: The following appliances are prohibited: Toasters, toaster ovens/griddles electric fryers/griddles propane fryers coffee makers with glass craft pot hot plates and induction cooktops.

What is the location of the University of Tennessee’s main campus?

UT Knoxville, the flagship campus of UT system is based in Knoxville.

What does UF consider class rank?

UF does not issue “class ranks” as high schools do. There are too many students and too many factors (GPAs, college, freshman/transfer etc.). to play into it.

What percentage of UTK students are involved in Greek life?

Over 5,000 students are members of fraternal organizations at the University of Tennessee. This includes approximately 24% of undergraduates.