How Much Does Montessori School Cost?

How Much Does Montessori School Cost?

How Much Does Montessori School Cost?

Montessori is a style of teaching. There is a broad range in the cost of schools. For tuition, the average annual cost can be $12000 to $15000, but It can be even up to $35,550 for the toddler programs.

You are wondering about the cost of Montessori school. Your child is ready for school and now it’s time to calculate the fees. It’s possible that you might be thinking if the Montessori school system is worth the cost.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon (one of the richest in the world) attended Montessori school when he was young.

The price of the Montessori school also depends on the age of the child, half or full-day program, school location, and the type of school. You could be sending your child to a public school or a private school.

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How much does Montessori cost?

The table below can help you understand the cost of Montessori in different states of the United States. The information here is for your reference. You should check the updated information as the cost may vary.

US State Montessori Cost
Texas (Redeemer Montessori School) $9050 annually for 5 full days of toddler house program (age 18 mo-3years).
California (Montessori Schools of California) $5900 per academic year for the extended program (age 2-year-old).
Florida $8968 average tuition cost of private schools.
Hawaii (Montessori School of Maui) $15,532 Toddler program tuition and fees.
Virginia (Courthouse Montessori School) $850/month (age 16 months – 3 years).
Massachusetts $14,497 average tuition cost.
New Jersey $8935 average tuition cost.
Michigan $7769 average tuition cost.
Illinois $11,407 average tuition cost.
Washington (Washington Montessori School) $15,816 for mornings + 3 afternoons (age 18 months-3 years).
Oregon (The Portland Montessori School) $19,200 for the toddler.
Ohio (Central Montessori Academy) $10,995 five days, full-day (Toddler).
North Carolina (Montessori Community School) $17,449 for full-day (Toddler).
New York (The Montessori Schools) $35,550 for full-day (Toddler)
Alabama (Hilltop Montessori School) $10,465 for the highest grade.
Delaware (Willmington Montessori School) $27,690 for 5 full days (age 12 months – 3 year).
Kentucky (Providence Montessori) $14,407 extended day (toddlers).

Looking at the table above, you can see that the cost of Montessori school varies from state to state. If you are in New York, it can be costly to send your kid to a Montessori school as compared to Florida. So you can decide what’s the most viable option for you. As a parent, you have the final say when it comes to the selection of the Montessori school system.

Why is Montessori so expensive?

Montessori schools are expensive because of the high quality of education. The teaching staff is well trained. The teaching material used in the Montessori school also makes it more expensive.

Basically, you get what you pay for which makes this system highly efficient and lucrative. In fact, kids studying in the Montessori school system can be great at math and reading. The staff is trained to meet the standard of the Montessori teaching style. It’s focused on natural human development and the learning environment for the montessori kids is set accordingly.

Is Montessori worth the cost?

It depends on your child. You have to see if the Montessori environment best suits the needs of your child. It would be worth the cost if you prefer a structured environment for your child.

In fact, Dr. Maria Montessori started this system for kids who required special assistance and it became renowned all over the world because of the teaching style and benefits.

Do Montessori students do better?

Keeping in view the organized approach, problem-solving skills, and teaching style it appears a viable option for the students. Some parents opt for homeschooling.

It’s a personal choice, but if you can afford the cost then it can be suitable for your children as they can do better in life.

Does Montessori really make a difference?

It depends on your child too. Montessori can make a difference, but it’s possible that your child can do equally better in a traditional school. However, looking at the success of Jeff Bezos today, you can definitely consider Montessori for your kid.

How to select the right Montessori school?

When looking for a reliable school, consider the following:

  • How much dedication is required from the parents.
  • What’s the age gap between the kids in class.
  • What’s the reputation of the school in your area.
  • What other parents are saying about their experience.
  • What’s the schedule for the kids.
  • How the school rewards kids for good work.

Plus, you can also see the ratings of the school that can give you an idea of the school’s performance.

Can you get financial aid from Montessori Schools?

You have to check with the school and also your state. It’s possible that you can the financial aid based on the needs of your family. You have to see the eligibility criteria of the Montessori school. Also, check with your state what services you can avail of. Some parents can homeschool the kids and it would cost less.

Is Montessori a good fit for my child?

You can enroll your child in a Montessori school at an early age. Some programs start at 12 months. You have to check with your state. If you prefer a Montessori teaching style for your child then you would find it a good fit.

The Montessori classroom would be structured, but it’s focused on the development of your kid. Your kid can learn self-discipline in a Montessori school.

Wrapping It Up

The Montessori schools can cost up to $35,550 and it depends on your state, age of the child, location, and a lot more. A Montessori school can be a viable option for your child, but it’s a personal choice. It’s great if you can afford the cost, but you can also check with the school if financial aid is available for families in need.

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