Is Bridgewater State University a good school?

Bridgewater State University is a public university in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was established in 1840 and has an enrollment of over 14,000 students. The tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $14,680 with room and board costing $11,780. Some of the degrees offered at this institution include: business administration; biology; social work; chemistry; engineering physics.

Bridgewater State University is a good school. Bridgewater State University is ranked 48th out of #68 Massachusetts schools for quality and 17th out of 64 for Massachusetts values. Although it is lower quality than average, it is still very affordable in the state. Check to see if Bridgewater State offers instate tuition you might be eligible for.

Is Bridgewater State University a good college? The University is a medium, 4-year public institution. The campus is located in a suburban town. Most students commute to the campus. The school offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The college offers a diverse range of programs. For example, it offers an IELTS exam preparation course for a 20% discount. Besides offering a full range of undergraduate degree programs, the university also offers a number of graduate programs.

The university is home to 22 varsity athletic teams, including 10 men’s and twelve women’s sports. In terms of facilities, the college is undergoing a $100 million renovation of the 1964 Marshall Conant Science Building. It plans to build a new facility in the near future. It has opened several new additions and buildings since its first opening in 1892. Crimson Hall, a 400-bed residence hall on the East Campus, opened in 2007.

The university has an affordable price. According to the website of the National Center for College Access and Success, BSU is ranked #97 among Regional Universities North. The ranking is based on a number of factors, including the overall performance of the school and the resources it provides to prospective students. Its affordability makes it a great choice for students looking for affordable higher education options in Massachusetts. For more information about BSU, visit the school’s website.

Is Bridgewater University a great school? College Factual’s 2022 analysis shows that Bridgewater State ranks #588 of the 2,576 schools nationwide that were analyzed for overall excellence. This is an improvement from the previous year when Bridgewater State occupied the #752 spot in the Best Overall Colleges rankings.

Bridgewater State: Is it a party school Bridgewater is not the school for you if you are looking for fun and a lot of partying during college. Bridgewater is not like other colleges in that it does not promote fraternity life. Bridgewater State College is not the right fit for students who are looking to go to college to party and have fun.

Bridgewater State is a dry campus? Bridgewater State University prohibits students from possessing, consuming, storing, or serving alcohol. This applies to apartment residents as well as their guests, who must be 21 years old or older.

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What GPA are you required to gain admission to Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State admits students with average high school grades. Bridgewater State University’s freshman class had a 3.2 GPA on the 4.0 scale. This indicates that most students are B and will be admitted.

Is Bridgewater College a Community College?

Bridgewater College, a private institution, was founded in 1880. It has a total undergraduate enrollment in the fall 2020, its setting is rural and the campus is 300 acres.

What is Bridgewater famous for?

Bridgewater is well-known for its iron work factories. Bridgewater Iron Works is a Massachusetts registered historical site. Ironworks Park is the name given to the park that was built around the Iron Works factory.

Bridgewater State University is a commuter school.

Bridgewater has a large student population that works. As a commuter student, we encourage you look for work opportunities on campus. It is a great opportunity to meet people and make money.

How difficult is it to get into Bridgewater State

Bridgewater State admits only 88% of applicants. This is a very selective admissions process. Bridgewater State students are expected to have a SAT score between 970-1150 and an ACT score between 20-25. Bridgewater State has a February 15th deadline for regular admissions applications

Bridgewater State University is very competitive

Bridgewater State University has a 90.1% acceptance rate. 90 out of 100 applicants are accepted at Bridgewater State University. The school is almost open to all applicants. The school accepts almost all students. To be admitted, you will only need to complete an application.

What division is Bridgewater State University?

Bridgewater State University invites student athletes to compete for our ten men’s NCAA Division III and 12 women’s NCAA Division III athletics. Our student athletes participate in the sport for their passion and dedication.

Is Bridgewater College accredited?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited Bridgewater College to award master’s and baccalaureate degrees.

Is Bridgewater College Division 1?

Bridgewater College, a Division III member institution of the National Collegiate Athletic Association is committed to following all policies and guidelines set out by this governing body. The 14 member institutions of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) are represented by the teams.

Are Bridgewater and its surroundings a good place to live?

The town is small and safe with lots of activities. Bridgewater has been a home for me for over 15 years. It is a great place to raise families. According to my experience, most areas are safe. The schools are excellent, and there is a new high school.

Is Bridgewater College Safe?

According to SafeAtLast, Bridgewater College is among the 25 most secure colleges in Virginia and the United States.

What kind of school is Bridgewater State University?”

Bridgewater State University, a public university, was founded in 1840. The campus is suburban and has a total undergraduate enrollment in the fall 2020. It follows a semester-based academic schedule.

What percentage of seniors live at Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University has 85 students who are under 18 years old and 14 students over 65. There are 8,341 students under 25 years old and 2,540 over 25-year-olds, out of 10,881 total students. 85 students in undergraduate programs are under 18 years old, while 6 students are over 65.

Bridgewater State University is a religious school?

Bridgewater College was once affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. It is a Christian denomination that is based on the core values of community, equality, simplicity and service.

Bridgewater State University is a large school?

Bridgewater State is a public college located in Bridgewater Massachusetts. It is a medium-sized institution that has 7,681 undergraduate students. Bridgewater State has an acceptance rate of 88%.

When was Bridgewater State College made a university?

1995 saw the opening of the Moakley center. Between 1999 and 2002, the college held an endowment drive to raise 10,000,000 dollars to support academics. Bridgewater State, one of the Massachusetts state colleges, was a university in 2010.

Bridgewater State has a team of football players?

– The Bridgewater State University football team held off a second half comeback as the Bears downed Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) rival Plymouth State University, 27-24, on Saturday afternoon at Swenson Field.

With a 2.5 GPA, can I get into Bridgewater State University?

Transfer students are eligible to apply for admission if they have earned at least 12 – 23 transferable college credit hours and a 2.5 GPA. 24 transferable college credit hours and a 2.0 GPA.

Are letters of recommendation required for Bridgewater State University

A minimum 2.8 undergraduate GPA. Three letters of recommendation. A minimum of one recommendation letter should be from an academic reference.

How many students attend Eastern Mennonite University

Eastern Mennonite University, a private institution, was founded in 1917. The campus is located in suburban areas and has an undergraduate enrollment of 896.

What does it cost for four years to attend Bridgewater State University?

Expected 4-year degree price

Based on current tuition prices, we calculate the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree at Bridgewater State University and living expenses at Bridgewater State University at $109,904, assuming that graduation occurs in normal times.