Is Pharmacy School Hard

Is pharmacy school hard? Yes, it is hard. Becoming a pharmacist is one of the hardest things you can be because there are many challenges. However, with discipline and focus, you should be able to make it.

Pharmacy school is quite challenging. There are so many things that will make you want to quit. However, many people graduate every year from pharmacy schools throughout the country. They do it by getting tough when the going gets tough.

In this post, we are going to share with you the challenges of pharmacy school. These are challenges that almost every pharmacy school student across the country has to overcome to successfully graduate from pharmacy school.

The purpose of sharing with you these challenges is not to scare you from joining pharmacy school but to help you to know the hardest things and the fact that you can actually overcome them.

The Hardest Things About Pharmacy School

  1. The Course Load

Each semester in pharmacy school is characterized by a massive course load. Moreover, almost every week is characterized by about 20 hours of lecture, plenty of lab practicals, lots of assignments, and several tests/exams. Presentations are also pretty common in pharmacy school. You should expect to study, prepare, and make presentations almost every other week.

As you can see from the above paragraph, there is plenty of academic work that every pharmacy student should expect to do every week. The weekly work load can be pretty stressful. You will often feel as if you are overwhelmed or stressed out.  Week in and week out you will feel like things are becoming harder.

However, you should always know at the back of your mind that you are not alone. Nobody finds it easy in pharmacy school. By having this at the back of your mind, you can have the confidence and courage to take on the massive course load characteristic of every semester in pharmacy school. Moreover, if you feel as if things are becoming too difficult, you can always seek advice from your school’s academic advisor.

  1. Lack Of Time For Other Things

It is extremely difficult to get free time in pharmacy school. Almost every day you will be either learning new things in class, studying, researching, or doing lab practicals. When you are not doing course-related stuff, you will often feel too tired to do anything other than rest or sleep.

While it is challenging to find free time for anything not course-related you must do it. This is because pharmacy students, like other university students, often have other things they need to do. For instance, some pharmacy students have part-time jobs to do while others have family responsibilities. These things require plenty of time almost daily. Moreover, pharmacy students also need to be involved in sports and other university activities.

While finding free time to do stuff not related to your course is often a challenge for pharmacy students, students can use time management apps to plan their weeks and stay organized throughout the week. When you carefully plan everything ahead of time, you will always find ways to be able to do everything you need to do and not lose your mind while you are at it.

  1. Expensive School Tuition

Pharmacy school tuition is almost always expensive even when you are going a state school. The average tuition per year in a state school is about $30,000. Private pharmacy schools charge even more for tuition per year. In fact, the best private pharmacy colleges across the US charge about $60,000 per year for tuition. This is double the amount you will pay in most state universities.

Because of the high cost of tuition in most pharmacy schools, students often rely on loans to pay for their tuition. The students who do not like or want debt often work two to three jobs part-time while studying to pay for their tuition. You can imagine how little they sleep to be able to attend lectures, study, do lab practicals, and work several jobs a day.

In addition to paying for expensive tuition, students also need to find ways to pay for accommodation, meals, books, subway fares, gas, utilities, and so on. Because of the many high costs involved with pharmacy school, students taking loans sometimes graduate with debts totaling over $150,000.

However, you do not need to worry too much about the high costs involved in going to pharmacy school. If you are struggling or you think you struggle with paying for tuition and bills at pharmacy school, you should visit your school’s student financial services. They will explain to you the financial aid available for you and also talk to about scholarships that can help you to pay some of the costs associated with pharmacy school.

  1. The Internship Experience

The internship experience for pharmacy students is not always the best. This is because most pharmacy schools often only have a few premium internship positions available for students. These positions are often filled by lottery. This means many students often end up in internship positions they do not like.

As implied above, some students do end up in great internship positions and enjoy their internship experience. However, many do not, and this is often quite stressful and frustrating to them.

Nevertheless, while a bad internship experience can be difficult and frustrating, with a good attitude, you can make the most of your internship. Moreover, you can set your goals for any internship you get and meet them. This can help you to move forward and to practice many of the things you learned about in the courses you have taken.

  1. Poor Mental And Physical Health

It will be a massive challenge for you to maintain your mental and physical health in pharmacy school. This is because your massive course load will make it difficult for you to find free time to relax your mind and to exercise. Your mind will mostly be stressed and your body will be in shambles throughout pharmacy school.

While you will often find it difficult to find time to relax or to exercise, you must not give up. You must set aside time every day where you meditate, pray, do yoga, or do any other thing to relax. You must also set aside time to exercise every day.

By de-stressing your mind and getting your body in shape, you will have two of your greatest weapons (your mind and your body) working in tandem to enable you to achieve your goals and to successfully complete pharmacy school.


Pharmacy school is hard. The hardest things about pharmacy school include expensive tuition, a massive course load, lack of free time for other things, and poor mental and physical health. However, this challenges can be overcome as explained under each challenge in the post above. 

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