What Is A Continuation School?

What Is A Continuation School?

Continuation schools are alternative high schools, usually for students who are at risk of not graduating on time. They offer an opportunity to finish school and get a diploma that is often more flexible than the traditional curriculum offered in comprehensive high schools. This blog post will discuss what continuation school options exist and how you can find one near you!

What is continuation school? Continuation school is a type of high school designed for people who have difficulties attending regular high school and could risk not graduating. Typically, a continuation school allows a more flexible schedule, and students earn credits at a slower pace.

Continuation school takes care of students behind on their required credits and is supposed to help them recover in less time. The minimum requirement is only 15h a week, but continuation schools can provide more hours.

Students who are problematics and, for a series of circumstances, cannot attend regular school can attend continuation school instead. To attend continuation school, a student has to be at least 16 years old and has not graduated from high school or is still required to attend school.

There can be many circumstances for students requiring continuation schools, such as family problems, drug problems, depression, or a side job outside school that requires a different schedule.

In some cases, continuation school is attended by students who want to graduate faster and are talented, not because they have a problematic situation. Continuation school allows them to progress at a quicker speed and graduate faster.

Typically, in continuation school, students take courses they need for graduation, and some schools offer additional services like career counseling, job placement, and help to access community colleges.

How Does a Continuation School Work?

Flexibility and personalization are the strong points of continuation schools. Such schools offer a more career-focused approach and can provide personalized schedules and classes. In addition, students can attend continuation school during hours that are not accepted at traditional schools.

Students can take advantage of small-size classes and individual study plans. The purpose is to assist them in graduating in the fastest way possible. In addition, personalization is necessary because students come from many different situations and backgrounds, thus requiring different approaches.

The curriculum in continuation schools is the same as traditional high school, and so are the graduation requirements. But, continuation schools provide counseling, guidance, and flexibility to students in need, offering a more personal approach. It goes as far as helping students with scholarships, financial aid and allowing them to do part of the work online if needed.

Often exotic hairstyles, personal adornment, and fanciful dress are in evidence as well as students who are not shy in asking you who you are and why you are there. Most often these students also open eagerly share what they’re doing and what they have accomplished at their school.

These schools do a good job of teaching the basics, but it is difficult for them to offer advanced academic programs or vocational training.

Continuation schools are not for every student. Some students might need more academic support than a continuation school can offer and some may also require the social aspects of attending an “older” high school such as dating, working part-time jobs, going to dances or proms with their friends.

What is the work of a continuation school?

Continuation education can be an alternative to high school diploma programs. It is designed for students who are 16 years old or older, have not completed high school but are still required to attend school, and are at risk of not graduating. Many students in continuing education are behind in high-school credits.

Does California have how many schools for continuing education?

435 continuation high schools reported an enrollment of 51 811 students in 2017-18. CDE demographic reports show that these schools served 85,343 students in the entire year.

What is a model high school continuation?

These schools offer comprehensive services to at-risk teens through the use of innovative instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, guidance, and counseling services.

What is a Continuation School? – Related Questions

California has how many continuation high schools?

  • 520 continuation schools
  • Schools should also offer access to specialized professional training through the California Continuation
  • Education Association’s regional districts (cceanet.org). Of the 520 continuation schools in California, 62 – or 12 percent – are Model Continuation Schools.

Is online school a bad option for college?

There isn’t a catch. However, that doesn’t mean people won’t make up reasons why they don’t like the program. Online high school is feared by many people because it can look bad when they apply for college or are trying to find jobs. It does count, but it doesn’t look as good as a normal high school.

What are the alternatives to a high school diploma?

The GED is nationally recognized as a valid substitute for high school diplomas and is an asset for those who are interested in pursuing educational and career opportunities. The GED includes tests in science, math, writing, reading, and social studies. The test can either be taken in English, Spanish, or both.

How old can you get in high school in California?

  • State Minimum age for school attendance
  • California5 6 to 18 21
  • Colorado 6-17-21
  • Connecticut 5-18 21
  • Delaware 5-16 21

What’s the purpose of an alternative school?

Alternative schools are intended to educate students who have not been able to succeed in regular schools. This is often due to behavior, safety, and disciplinary concerns. An alternative school might offer different educational opportunities than the usual school.

How many absences in a California high school school school year are allowed?

ten days
California considers ten absences per school year to be excessive, regardless of the reason.

What is a Model School?

A graded school is often connected to a normal school or teachers training college. It is used to model organization and teaching methods.

What is Denmark’s continuation school like?

Note: The continuation school (Efterskole), a Danish independent school for students aged 14-18, is an independent boarding school. Students have the option to complete their lower secondary education in one, two, or three years before they can enroll in higher secondary education.

How do I get into independent education?

  • Enrolling Students in Independent Study
  • Contact your local school or school district.
  • Must be chosen by the student, parent, or guardian.
  • Schools cannot force students to enroll in independent study programs.

What is a trade school?

Trade schools prepare students for specific jobs that require manual, mechanical, or technological skills such as carpentry. Apprenticeships and community colleges offer many of the same skills as trade schools.

What is a comprehensive California high school?

Some high schools specialize in University-preparatory school academic preparation, some in remedial instruction, and some in vocational instruction. The average comprehensive high school offers more than one program of specialization.

How did Ghana’s Education begin?

Ghana’s pre-colonial education was informal. Knowledge and competencies were transferred orally and through apprenticeships. New forms of learning were created by the arrival of European settlers in 16th century Ghana. Formal schools were created, which provided a book-based education.

Are colleges concerned if you attend an online school?

Online schools and traditional high schools are generally not differentiated by colleges. Regional accreditation is what really matters to the admissions team.

Is online education better than public schools?

The online school allows parents to control their child’s learning environment. This is in contrast to traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Online schools may also offer fewer distractions than traditional classrooms, allowing students to focus better and get more out of their time.

What is the highest high school diploma?

Most high-school graduates receive a general diploma. A general diploma means that the graduate has met all the requirements of your state’s department for education.

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