What’s special about Occidental College?

There are many unique and special things that make Occidental College stand out from other institutions of higher education. For example, the college has a long history of fostering social activism and progressive movements. Additionally, its commitment to student-centered learning ensures that each student gets the most out of their academic experience. Finally, the campus is located in Los Angeles – one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world! There’s truly something for everyone at Occidental College.

What’s special about Occidental College? Occidental College isn’t your average liberal arts college. It combines the liberal arts and sciences, with the cultural and intellectual resources from a global city. Oxy students spend as much time as possible in the labs, the field, and the studio than in the classroom.

Occidental College is unique among liberal arts colleges, allowing its students to live on campus for three years. The school is also one of the few that offers guaranteed housing for its students, at least for their first three years. The Office of Residential Education and Housing Services pairs students based on their summer application forms. The campus has 13 co-ed residential halls, with one-third of the halls designated for each grade. There are several dorms at Occidental, including Newcomb Hall, Erdman Hall, Haines, and Wylie Hall.

Occidental College offers many opportunities to get involved with student-run groups, organizations, and ventures. There are Greek organizations and traditional groups, but there are also many student-run media outlets. The Occidental, the campus newspaper, has been published since 1893 and is biweekly in print and online. In addition, the campus hosts several student clubs and organizations that allow students to express their personalities and pursue their interests.

While many liberal arts colleges are focused on academics and research, Occidental is a unique institution for public service and community engagement. Students and staff spend time in the community, participating in projects that benefit local communities. The Oxy Campus is home to several institutions dedicated to outreach, including a Northeast Los Angeles Community Outreach Partnership Center, funded by the Office of University Partnerships. And students can be active in a variety of student groups, from political action to the theater.

What’s the worst thing about Occidental College Although it is small and prides itself in diversity, there are a lot of tensions between different groups. There is a lack of a vibrant party scene and fewer beautiful women than in other colleges. Occidental accepts self-motivated students.

How prestigious can Occidental College be? U.S. News’ annual rankings at 44, received four-star Fiske ratings for academics, quality of life, and academics, respectively, as well as Princeton Review ratings of 90 and 95 for financial aid. Occidental was ranked No. 1 in the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Rankings. 32 among U.S. liberal art colleges

Are students satisfied at Occidental College U.S. News polled high-school counselors to rank Oxy 22nd among the national liberal arts colleges? This ranking was tied with Hamilton Grinnell Hamilton and Haverford. “Oxy grads have a well-rounded personality and are extraordinarily happy (17th in all colleges and 11th in liberal arts schools).

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Is Occidental College worth the investment?

Fair Value Nationwide. Occidental College is ranked #805 of 1,472 nationally for value. College Factual values Occidental College as a fair value. It is priced appropriately considering the quality of the education it provides.

Is Occidental a dry campus or not?

Occidental, in compliance with local and state laws, prohibits the illegal consumption of alcohol on College property or as part of College-sponsored activities (on- and off-campus).

Why is Occidental College so great?

Oxy is a place for talented, hard-working, curious students to explore their current passions—and discover new ones. Students can explore new perspectives and ideas through our unique interdisciplinary approach. We also connect them with the rest of the world.

Which division is Oxy?

The Occidental Track & Field & Cross Country team competes at the NCAA Division III level nationally. They are part of the prestigious Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC).

How liberal can Occidental be?

Politics & Voting, Occidental, California. The political climate in Occidental, CA can be described as moderate. Sonoma County, CA is very liberal. In Sonoma County in California, 75% of residents voted Democrat for the last presidential election. 23.0% voted Republican Party and the rest 2.4% Independent.

Is it difficult to get into Occidental College?

The acceptance rate for Occidental College was 37.3%

37 of every 100 applicants are admitted. This is a very selective school. You have a good chance of getting in if you meet the requirements for Occidental College, such as GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other parts of the application.

What’s it like to be a student of Occidental College

Students are generally positive, accepting, and forward-thinking. Many students are active and environmentally aware. Diversity is valued and encouraged. Occidental students are just over half Caucasians and have been exposed to students from many different backgrounds (racially or religiously, as well as socio-economically).

Is Occidental College Ivy League

Occidental is often referred to as an “Ivy League West school”. When it was founded, it was called “Princeton of the West”. Many students come from wealthy backgrounds.

Is Occidental College Safe?

Statistics on On-Campus Crime: 207 Incidents Reported

Occidental College reported 207 safety incidents involving students who were on campus during 2019. 3.640 out of the 3,990 colleges or universities that reported safety data and crime data, reported fewer incidents.

Is it possible to rent a car in Occidental?

Oxy connects you with many transportation options and breaks the stigma that you have to drive a car in order to travel around L.A. Parking on campus is free for those who bring their own cars to Oxy. You can also charge your vehicle at our stations.

What does it mean for a campus to be dry?

The term “dry campus” refers to the prohibition of alcohol in colleges and universities. It does not matter if the owner is underage or intends to consume it elsewhere. Because they may be affiliated with churches, many private colleges have “dry campuses” rules.

What makes Occidental unique?

Occidental is unique among liberal-arts colleges because of its central location in Los Angeles. Oxy provides a comprehensive review of each applicant, including academic achievements, standardized testing, and extra-curricular activities.

What is Occidental most famous for?

The college’s liberal arts program is known for its diversity. About half of the students are Caucasian, while 15% are Asian, 15% are Hispanic and 15% are Hispanic. More than half of the students are women.

Which president went to Occidental College

Barack Obama attended Occidental High School for two years, before transferring to Columbia University.

How far from the beach is Occidental College?

The campus is located 15 minutes from Los Angeles’ downtown, less than an hour away from beaches, and two hours from ski and mountain areas.

Why is occidental college so costly?

Considerations regarding Local Area Costs

Occidental College can be a costly place to go to school. Students should expect to pay high prices for housing and other expenses because the college is in Los Angeles.

What is the average GPA at Occidental College

Average GPA: 3.64

The average GPA for Occidental College was 3.64. This makes Occidental College highly competitive in terms of GPAs. Occidental College demands that you have a minimum 3.64 GPA. This means that you must be at the top of your high school class. You will need to have a mixture of A’s as well as B’s with a bias toward A’s.

Is Occidental able to live a Greek lifestyle?

Occidental’s Greek Life offers members a wide range of activities and a rich social life. Greek Organizations host events throughout the calendar, such as mixers, on-campus events, or formal events. Many organizations participate in sporting events, shows throughout Los Angeles, weekend retreats and other community events.

Harvard, is Harvard a dry campus?

Harvard University, in accordance with Massachusetts laws, prohibits the possession, sale, consumption and use of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age. These policies and laws will be enforced by HUPD.

Is it difficult to get into Occidental?

Is it difficult to get into Oxy? Can I be accepted? It has a 37% acceptance ratio, ranking it #20 in California as the lowest acceptance rate. Oxy was admitted to 2,752 applicants last year out of 7,501 applicants. This makes Oxy a very competitive school that offers a lower chance of being accepted for those who qualify.

Is Pepperdine a school for rich kids?

Pepperdine is filled with the super-rich, religious kids. The school is very religious.