How Long Do Ants Live?

How Long Do Ants Live?

Ants are one of the most common insects on Earth, with over 10,000 different species. They live in colonies that can be up to millions of ants strong. Ants have a complex social structure and work together to survive. But how long do ants live?

In this blog post we will answer that question and more!

How long do ants live? Male ants typically live between a few days and a few weeks. Worker ants can live between a few weeks and a few months. Queen ants can live between a couple of years and as much as 30 years.

A detailed look at the lifespan of the most common ant species

It is not easy to answer the question, “How long can ants survive?” It could be because of their environment, food, and caste. Many other factors can also affect the life expectancy of ants.

It’s possible to count the places where ants haven’t been found on Earth. There are about 12,000 types of ants. The following page provides information on each species’ lifespans, as well as fascinating details about their behaviour, food and life cycles.

The life span of the most common ant species

These are just some of the many ant species we have identified.

  • Pharaoh ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Black garden ants
  • Fire ants and
  • Pharaoh ants

Carpenter Ants (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) This ant’s name comes from its preference to live in wood galleries. The carpenter’s ant life cycle begins when a male winged and a female winged carpenter are paired together.

It’s most common in late spring. It can also be caused by environmental factors.

A carpenter’s ant colony typically has one queen and several satellite colonies around it. It takes 6 years for an established carpenter’s ant colony.

The queen would lay her first set eggs to kick start her colony. As the first generation hasn’t started looking for food, the queen ant will make use of her fat reserves.

The carpenter Ant would reach maturity within 1.5 to 3 months. Queens can live up to ten year, while workers can live up to seven years. Males can only survive for a few months after mating.

Their diet includes insect parts and tissues, honeydew, extra-floral sweet syrup, and honeydew.

Once the colony has been established, the queen will begin laying winged-carpenter-ant eggs within one year. The flying carpenter ants will mating and establish colonies when mating season arrives.


Most ant species reproduce by what is known as a nuptial flight. Flying females fertilize their eggs with winged males. Some female ant species, such as the Cataglyphis cursor, reproduce sexually by cloning. Her progeny will be identical to her.

House Ants with Bad Odors (Tapinoma sessile)

There are many places where you can find odorous house ants. Although they can be found in grasslands and woods, they may also build nests in suburban areas.

Their distinctive smell of rotting coconuts when crushed makes them odorous house ant.

Queen odorous ants can live for up to one year. Male ants die within one week after mating.

The eggs of odorous house ants hatch from mid-spring to mid-fall. If they hatch in spring, they will mature in 5-9 weeks.

If they had waited longer, they would have spent the winter in eggs. They would have spent the winter in their eggs if they had waited longer.

A single queen is a norm for odorous house-ant colonies. However, they have been known to form super-colonies when joined with multiple queens.

Their food is honeydew, tree sap, and tiny insects.

Pavement Ants (Tetramorium caespitum)

Pavement ants are small, blackish ants that live in stone and pavement. They can be found under large boulders and stone slabs as well as on sidewalks.

They can also reproduce by nuptial flights in the spring and summer.

Queens (reproductive people) and alates (reproductive people) are twice the size of workers.

While most pavement ants live in monogynous colonies, they can establish polygyne colonies. They can have multiple queens within one colony.

What is the average lifespan of an ant?

They enjoy sweet and sour human food as well as pet foods and small seeds.

Black Garden Ants

Sometimes called little black ants, or black garden bugs, black garden bees are often called small black ants. Their size is roughly half of that of their queens.

Black garden ants can reach adulthood in just 8 to 9 weeks.

This is a total of around 30 years of non-stop egg-laying every day, even if we take out the time it took for this queen ant to mature.

A black garden ant queen, also known as a “niger-queen”, would live under her wings after she had shed her wings.

She’ll start putting her eggs at the tunnel’s lowest level and will not leave her tunnel.

She should be able to store enough fat for her first batch. If her fat reserves are low, she will be able to forage with the colony for food.

Honeydew from aphids is their primary food source.

Ghost Ants (Tapinoma mylanocephalum).

Ghost ants are a relative of odorous house-ants and, when crushed, emit a coconut scent. However, they do not appear to be as fragrant as their cousins.

Ghost ants are darker than odorous house and ant species. They have darker heads, thoraxes, lighter abdomens, and more appendages. Odorous house ants, however, have smaller heads and bodies than ghost ants and are more difficult to identify because they are monomorphic and tiny.

Ghost ants are naturally found in the tropics. Ghost ants can only live in cool places if they nest close to heat sources. Outside ghost ants prefer tiny insects.

They are able to build temporary nests, which is a sign that they are adaptable, which is an aid in their cause of being an invasive species.

Ghost ants are an ant species in which queen ants have a very short lifespan.

Fire Ants (Solenopsis)

A genus is a group of fire ants that includes at least 201 species.

The stings can feel almost like being set on fire.

They are extremely tough.

Fire Ant workers inject eggs with poisonous fire ant poison to prevent them from becoming infected.

Queen fire ants can live up 7 years in captivity, and up 5 years in natural environments.

While male fire ants can live longer than their female counterparts, they die quickly after laying an egg.

Parasites are well-known species of fire ant, Solenopsis Daguerrei. It finds a colony of another fire ant species.

It hangs on to the queen of the nest and slowly kills her.

Fire Ants can eat oil and meat, seeds, and insects.

Pharaoh Ants (Monomorium penharaonis).

Pharaoh ants are the smallest ant species on earth, measuring between 1 and 2mm high.

One nest of pharaohs may live peacefully alongside another.

What is the average life expectancy of Pharaoh Ants?

Their diverse diet shows their adaptability to various environments.

In urban areas, they would eat sugary or fatty human food. Hospitals are an ideal place for this species to thrive.

Surprisingly these are the ants who build their nests from clothing, trash, and even paper. Because they prefer to build their colonies in difficult-to-reach locations, it is also difficult to estimate how many there are.

You might be wondering, “So, how long do ants live?” You might be wondering, after reading about ants, how long do ants live? The simplest answer is that most ants live between a few weeks and thirty years.

Males often die within hours of mating and before they reach maturity. Some ants, however, can live beyond the age of maturity.

What is the Life Expectancy of Ants? – Similar Questions

Are ants able to live for 30 years? Black garden ants are well-known for their longevity. Queens of black ants typically live for 15 to 20 years. However, there have been a few instances where they lived for up to 30. Their worker ants live for up to one year.

How do ants go mad? Most ants will die when it gets too cold. If they are unable to escape the cold, however, ants will find ways to stay warm and get inside. During winter, ants will dig deeper into the ground and then join together to get warmth in winter.

How long can tiny black ants survive? Workers ants can live for up to 4 months. In June, little black ants begin mating in swarms and can go on to do so until August. Once a female has mated, it will start to form its own colony. This colony will quickly grow into thousands of ants. It is easy to see how quickly an infestation of ants can spread.

Why do ants kill the queen?

A matricidal worker can lay male eggs by removing the queen. All the work of raising the brood is done by workers. They hunt for food, provide for the queen and offspring, and build and defend the nest.

Are ants able to sleep?

Power Naps are a way for ants to get their sleep.

This also means they can invade your house at any hour of the day or night. An analysis of the sleep habits of ants revealed that they take approximately 250 naps per day. Each one lasts just over a minute.

Which is the shortest life expectancy?

Mayfly lives for 24 hours, or less, which is the shortest life expectancy on Earth.

Are ants intelligent?

Although ants don’t experience complex emotions like love, anger or empathy, they can approach situations they find enjoyable and avoid the unpleasant. The brain of an ant is small, with only 250,000 neurons, as opposed to a human’s trillions. A colony of ants can have a collective brain that is as big as the brains of many mammals.

Are ants capable of feeling pain?

Entomologists believe that insects don’t have pain receptors like vertebrates. Although they don’t feel pain, they may feel irritation or if their body is damaged. They don’t feel pain because they don’t have emotions.

Are ants capable of screaming when they die?

After dying, some ants release a loud scream that is audible by humans. They don’t even possess vocal chords or lungs. A new study has shown that even ant pupae, the stage between larvae & adult, can communicate by sound. This communication could be critical to their survival.

Are ants able to cry?

Ants don’t scream. Ants don’t have the ability to scream. You might be hearing the wood stretching on the deck as it absorbs the water. Or maybe the sound of water flowing through the pipes.

Is death a sign of ants?

Ants are known for being efficient and able to kill their nestmates before they can spread their pathogens. Dead ants can be identified by lack of signs of life, a type of chemical pulse that falls silent–rather then signs of death.

Does vinegar kill ants?

You can wipe ants off with 50-50 vinegar, water, or straight vinegar. White vinegar repels and kills ants. Use diluted vinegar to remove ants from hard surfaces such as floors, countertops, and other areas of your home.

Why are there ants living in my room when there isn’t food?

To Seek Moisture

Sometimes ants are only looking for water, not food. Your house will attract ants if it is too humid. Ants love moisture. They can be found nesting outside of houses but can also make their home inside moist wood foundations.

How can I eliminate ants in a matter of hours?

You will need one cup of warm water, half cup sugar, two tablespoons Borax, and some cotton balls. Combine all ingredients and then soak the cotton balls into the Borax mixture. You can then place the balls wherever you see tiny soldiers coming in and follow them.

Are ants doomed if the queen is killed?

To answer the question about what happens if a queen dies, it is generally true that an ant colony’s queen will die if there is no replacement. Some worker ants might try to kill the less productive queens in colonies that have multiple queens.

Do I have to kill queen ant or not?

Ants can be a nuisance pest and infest your yard or home. Killing the queen ant is the only way to make sure. The queen ant will wipe out the entire colony within a few months. It is however difficult because she is still in the nest.

What happens if a queen anther bites you?

Initial venom pains include a burning sensation, swelling and pain at the site of the sting. Pustules, or pus-filled blisters, can form at sting sites and can last for several weeks. Our immune systems clean up the debris from the cells.

Are ants smart?

Although ants poop, can they also fart? Although there isn’t much research available on the topic, many experts agree that ants can fart. It is obvious that ants cannot pass gas. The most powerful ant killers cause them bloat and explode because they can’t pass gas.

Are ants able to pee?

The coloured waste patches proved that the lab specimens were not piss-ants. They would only defecate in their corners. “These patches did not contain any other waste material, such as nestmate corpses or uneaten food items. Researchers said that such waste was found in the waste piles located outside of the nest.

Are ants really able to sleep all night?

Common misconception is that ants don’t sleep. Ants don’t have a regular sleeping pattern, but rather a cycle of resting periods. For a total of almost five hours sleep each day, worker ants get 250 small power naps. These naps last approximately 1 minute and are taken at odd times during the day and night.

Which person has the longest life expectancy?

This criterion states that Jeanne Calment of France (1875-1997) has the longest human life expectancy. She lived for 122 years and 164 nights. When she was 12, or 13, she allegedly met Vincent van Gogh. After turning 110, she received media attention in 1985.

Why do ants love to kiss each other?

Ants communicate by kissing each other. Pheromones are a chemical substance that alters the behavior and actions of ants and other species. They also exchange bodily fluids like spit.

What is an ant’s IQ?

I believe that the average score of an IQ test is 100. This means that an average ant would have an IQ of 100.

Are ants able to hear you?

Social insects like ants offer advantages over single insects. In that they have senses like hearing, touch, and smell, ants are very similar to other insects. Although hearing in ants is not as good as it is in animals, they still have the ability to hear.

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