Can I Find My Elementary School Yearbook?

Do you remember your elementary school days? Do you still have your yearbook from the time that you graduated? If not, don’t worry. I’m here to help! It can be hard to find old yearbooks, but there are a few places that might have copies of them. Contact the school district, public library, or alumni association (or club) for the school and see if they have any copies of elementary school yearbooks leftover from when they were published.

The district office will probably only have one copy of all the yearbooks for each grade in their schools, so it may take some searching through them before finding yours. Similarly, many libraries keep local-school-yearbook archives and these should include at least one copy of the yearbook you are looking for.

Searching for your elementary school yearbook is not as easy as you might think. But it’s important to find one because they are a keepsake that will be passed down to future generations. There are three ways that you can go about finding the yearbook: contact the school district, the public library, and even the alumni association (or club) for the school. District offices might have at least one copy of elementary school yearbooks from all the schools in the district. Similarly, local libraries tend to have copies of yearbooks from the local schools.

And lastly, see if the alumni association for the school has any copies of yearbooks. They may not have one specifically from your grade (unless you are part of a graduating class), but they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Where can I find my elementary school’s yearbook?

Contact the school district, public library, or alumni association (or club) for your school. District offices may have at least one copy of each of the elementary school yearbooks from all schools in the area. Local libraries may also have yearbooks from local schools.

Is it possible to find old yearbooks online?’s collection of 51,000 yearbooks is scanned, indexed, and searchable online? You can search for free but you will need to have a membership in order to view the results. Another thing to remember is to search at your library, Family History Center, or other public places.

How can I find my elementary school yearbook online?

You can search the Internet to find yearbooks that are associated with your school’s name. Enter the title of your yearbook in the yearbook finder search field. For a copy, search online auction websites. You might find a copy of a classmate on a yearbook search site or an auction site like or

How can I locate an old yearbook?

Ask your high school to check if they have any extra copies of their yearbook. Talk to the librarian as well as the staff at the main office. Many libraries keep unsold copies.

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How do I locate old yearbook photos?

Use an online search tool. Online yearbook search tool. and and allow you to search their archives and find physical scans of yearbooks, as well as photographs, dates, and names.

Do schools still have yearbooks?

Schools may have one copy of each yearbook that they keep, but sometimes they have several. Ask the publisher if they are able to reproduce your high-school yearbook. You may be able to reprint a single copy of your high school yearbook for a fraction of the cost of buying a new copy. However, prices can vary and they are often more expensive than buying a new copy.

How do I locate my old school teacher?

Contact the school’s Alumni Association. Private schools often have alumni associations and groups. They often include former teachers as part of their activities. To find out if your former teacher is still in touch with them, you can also ask alumni members.

How can I locate old photos of myself on the Internet?

PimEyes or Reverse Image Search allows you to upload a photo of yourself and search for traces of who you are online. You can also search for your name using the Google Search Bar and then go to Images. Hopefully, your picture will be found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Can you scan school photos?

One word of caution. While scanning a school photo might seem appealing and you can email it to your friends and family, parents should not do this as they don’t have the copyright. A LifeTouch spokesperson stated that they don’t pursue parents who do this, as it would be too costly.

How do I find my former school staff?

You can search for former school teachers on Or, contact the school to find out if they are still available. Some schools have staff members who keep current records of former teachers and alumni.

Do you ever buy old yearbooks for your family?

CLASS. It may seem impossible to believe, but there is a market for old yearbooks from colleges and high schools. You can sell your yearbook fast by contacting a website that specializes in selling them.

What does a yearbook run for?

The cost of traditional yearbooks can vary from $10 to $100 depending on the style and type of yearbook cover, how many pages are included, how many copies were ordered, and any yearbook enhancements. Note: A larger order will typically reduce the unit cost.

How do I locate my old yearbook from middle school?

First, contact your school to see if they have any extra yearbooks. Many times, the Parent-Teacher Association or other fundraising or volunteer organizations connected to the school will know if someone has extra books or how to contact the printer.

What can you do about old yearbooks?

If you are unable to find anyone interested in the yearbooks put them in your recycling bin and they will be picked up. If the yearbooks are only paper or cardboard, they can be recycled easily by the recycling company.

How can I find old yearbooks on Reddit?

Ask the school. They might have archival copies. The Public Library is another option for those who live in the same area as the school. You can also ask someone you know on Facebook if they could lend it to you.

Are there digital yearbooks available?

The only digital, interactive version of your exact yearbook, where students & staff sign, sticker & video each other — right in the yearbook. An FC digital yearbook can be used in the same way as the printed yearbook but is interactive via the FC Yearbook app.

Are yearbooks in the public domain?

Yearbooks have no copyright issues. The yearbooks were purchased and are therefore considered “published”. Photos in the yearbooks will also become published. Any yearbook published between 1923-1977 that does not contain a copyright notice is in the public domain.

Is a yearbook considered a legal document?

John R. Thelin writes that yearbooks are documents that go beyond casual nostalgia as demonstrated by the recent Senate confirmation hearings to the U.S. Supreme Court.

What are school records and registers?

School records and registers serve two purposes: to organize record-keeping and to ensure that information is kept and passed on efficiently. Admission Register: Each Headteacher shall keep an Admission Book to record the names, ages, and addresses of all students who enter the school for the first time.

How can you find old school friends?

Contact the school directly or its alumni society. They will be able to tell you how to find old classmates using their records or other methods like advertising your desire for a reunion through alumni magazines, a website, or other means.

How can I get a copy of my QTS certificate?

To access electronic copies of your QTS Certificate, you will need to log in to the Teacher Self-Service Portal.

Can I see my child’s picture on Lifetouch?

Your child’s digital school photo will be uploaded to Shutterfly every year when you buy a package that includes digital images from You can log in to your Shutterfly account if you already have one.

What happened to the photos from Friends Reunited.

Friends Reunited was shut down on 15:18 UTC. The main page informs users that they will be contacted within the next months. They will be given away to download photos, but cannot log in to their account.

How can you find photos of someone you know online?

Open Google Images

Open the main Google page and click on “Images” in the top-right corner, or navigate to If you’ve found a photo online and want to see more, a reverse image look can help you identify the individual.

What is a “digital image” for school pictures?

A Digital Image is a digital file that contains your child’s individual photograph.