What Are The Best Fandoms?

One of the most popular fandoms on the internet is BTS Army. Yes, that’s right – we are talking about those dedicated fans who have been supporting and following their favorite Korean boy band for years now. And what a journey it has been! From debuting in 2013 to finally winning a Billboard Music Award this year, the boys wouldn’t be where they are without their loyal ARMYs (fans). In honor of these talented guys and all of the hard work they’ve put into making themselves known throughout America, let’s take a look at some other deserving fandoms who deserve recognition as well.

BTS, a South Korean boy band, has earned international acclaim, with two consecutive #1 albums on the Billboard charts, a sold-out world tour, and a sold-out stadium event at Citi Field in front of over 40,000 spectators. ARMY, the K-pop group is considered the Biggest Fandom in the World because of its huge fan base.

The group debuted on June 13, 2013, with the song “No More Dream” from their first album ‘O!RUL82?’. In September 2017, BTS released their third Japanese studio album titled Face Yourself which entered at number 43 on Billboard 200 and has sold over 300,000 copies in Japan.

Which country is the most dangerous?

Saudi Arabia topped the list as the most polluted country in the world, with the highest levels of air pollution. Kuwait was second, and Bahrain third.

Which fandom is the most powerful in the World 2020?

Who has the strongest fandom in 2020? Named ARMY, the Korean boyband BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys is currently enjoying the strongest fandom in all of the world. ARMY stands as Adorable Representative for Youth.

What is the oldest fandom you have?

Organized subculture

The first modern fandom was formed by Sherlock Holmes’ literary detective Sherlock Holmes fans. They held public demonstrations of grief after Holmes was “killed off” and created some of the first fanfiction as early as 1897 to 1902.

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Which K-pop band has the most fans?

BTS is arguably the most popular K-pop group around the globe and with good reason.

Why are fandoms so toxic?

It is because they associate fandom of the thing they love with intelligence or depth. This creates a toxic sense of superiority over non-fans and casual followers. The sad truth is that the most intelligent fans are those who scream loudest about how smart they think they are because they like something.

Is it acceptable to be a part of a fandom?

It is fine to be a fan. It is fine to identify with a fandom. However, certain standards must be observed and understood.

How do you silence BTS haters?

Do not respond to accounts that spread hate and rumors about BTS. This is just to let them know that they received the attention they desired. Instead, you can give them the amazing present of having their account deleted by reporting and blocking it.

What is the most hated country in BTS?

According to various sources, BTS’ Most Hated Country is the Philippines. BTS members were not only hated by the Philippines, but also by India, the USA, China, and North Korea.

What are TXT haters called, you ask?

TXT is the leader of Soobin, a band that shares the same label as BTS. SHADOW-PARTY (the next most populous party at the time that voting took place) and they are The Associated Press Citizens living in shantytowns were so angry they called them “Hoovervilles” The haters were out in full force, and FDR won in a landslide in the 1932 election.

Which country has no pollution?

Sweden is the country least polluted with an overall score of 2.8/10. The annual carbon dioxide emissions are 3.83 tonnes per capita. The concentrations of PM2 are 2.

Which is the dirtiest place in the world?

According to the report, Xinjiang in China is the most polluted city. Nine Indian cities are next. Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, and Bisrakh Jalalpur are the next most polluted cities in the world, followed by Noida Greater Noida Kanpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Lucknow, Bulandshahar, and Bhiwani.

What are Selena Gomez’s fans called?

Selenators is the fan base for Selena Gomez’s fans. Selena’s fans created the fan name “Selenators”.

Who is more successful in 1d or BTS.

Scroll down to see the video! BTS, also known by the name Bangtan Boys is followed on Twitter by more than 37,000,000 followers. They are estimated to have a net worth of $450million, while One Direction is believed to have a net worth of $340million.

Who is the King of K-pop music?

The poll conducted by AllKPOP has awarded Jimin, a BTS singer, the title of ‘King of Pops for the past two years. He received 12,568,794 votes, and was crowned the ‘King Of Kpop’.

Which country is the most peaceful?

Iceland is the only Nordic country to be more peaceful today than it was in 2008. Iceland has maintained its title as the most peaceful country since the Global Peace Index was first launched 13 years back.

Who has the most K-pop fandom?

I believe Monbebe remains the best big fandom because it is always friendly and kind to other fandoms.

Who has more BTS or Exo fans?

It’s not surprising then that BTS has 22.5 million more followers on Twitter than EXO (with 8.7 million).

Who is the King of Kpop 2021

Taemin (SHINee), aka Dance King Kpop 2021.

Why is fandom wiki so terrible?

Fandom runs on a heavily modified MediaWiki version, which was long ago rendered obsolete. Although this editing system is simpler to use, it has much less functionality. When a Wiki has a lot of traffic, the source editor can be slow and buggy.

Is fandom considered a religion?

Dr. Marsh said: “Like religion, fandom is time-consuming, life-shaping, energizing and often provides a social network. “However, fandom may not be a religion if religion is defined as necessarily entailing contact with God or a higher power. We will examine whether fandom could be used as an alternative to religion.

Is Blackpink rude?

They said that she is so “disrespectful” as she can “slay” everyone with her rapping, singing, and dancing skills. In clarifying, though, BLACKPINK is the “rudest” because they already have everything from looks to talents and skills, the fans explained.

Who is the number one K-pop artist?

BTS was the first K-pop group to perform at the American Music Awards, win a Billboard Music Award, and reach 10 million Twitter followers.

How does fandom make its money?

Fandom, Inc. earns its income from sold content and advertising. It publishes most user-provided texts under copyleft licenses. Fandom, Inc. also runs the Fandom editorial initiative, which provides pop-culture and gaming news.

How can I stop toxic fandoms from growing?

It is a good idea to call out people if you are not a fan who is toxic. If you see someone in your fandom as toxic, say something. Tell them why they are wrong. Change their mind.