What Happened To Monday Ending Explained?

One theory is that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday are all the same people with a different accent for each day of the week. This could explain why they never go outside: because only one person is inhabiting their body every day. It would also account for them having identical DNA since they share the same cells and organs (even though it wouldn’t make sense if you can swap genders). As evidence to support this idea we know that Terrence had originally named his children after days of the week before he died from old age – which may have been an inside joke about how “the seasons change but time doesn’t stop.”

What really happened to Monday? This is a question that has been on the minds of many since she was shot during the press conference at the end of season one. Though no one knows for sure, there are some theories about what may have happened to her. In this blog post, we will explore four possible explanations and what evidence points to their likelihood of being true or not.

Who died in what happened to Monday?

Around 2043, overpopulation has caused a worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the Child Allocation Bureau. All but the eldest children are put into cryosleep. Electronic bracelets track all citizens. Karen Settman dies while giving birth to identical septuplet sisters.

How many sisters died in what happened to Monday?

Karen dies. Terrence doesn’t announce the 7 siblings to the authorities. He names them each by one day of the week. He decides that all 7 of them will live in secrecy in a place that has hidden areas (which he builds).

What happened to Monday accent?

They live in an unnamed city, their grandfather has an American accent, they rarely ever go outside, and yet they all developed the same, Swedish accent.

What happened to Monday’s ending?

Monday was alive when she was shot during the press conference. Tuesday saw her eye removed, but she is still alive in custody. Sunday was shot to death by an agent after she gained entry to the apartment with Tuesday’s eye. Wednesday was a tough opponent but was eventually shot jumping between buildings.

What does the end of Monday’s events mean?

Take her unborn twins. Thursday realizes Monday has sacrificed her sisters. Her grandfather had cut off their fingers in the same way. Monday dies from her injuries. Cayman is now facing the death penalty for violating the Child Allocation Act.

Is Monday’s events based on a novel?

Maggie Shen King is the author of An Excess Male, a science fiction novel about the future consequences of China’s one-child policy.

What happened to the other children?

All the other children were killed, incarcerated, and not placed in cryosleep like Demolition Man. Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close), Child Allocation Bureau leader or CAB has been lying to everyone about their plans for the children.

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What is the main problem with the movie What Happened Monday?

Monday’s events bring a lot of trouble for her siblings. The world’s greatest problem in 2073 is overpopulation. Genetically modified foods have increased the birthrate of twins and triplets, among other things.

What deal did Cayman make Monday?

Monday declares that she will give up six of her sisters if she can live a long, happy life with Adrian (and their two children).

How did they get Monday to Monday?

Monday is mortally wounded in the melee by a CBA agent, but later it was revealed that her twins were safely conceived in an artificial womb. Cayman will also be facing the death penalty for violating the one-child policy.

What happens when you are dead?

Other functions and reflexes will also slow down as the body continues to age. A dying person will feel more tired, have a more irregular sleep-wake pattern, and have a slower coughing and swallowing reflex. They will be less responsive to gentle touch and verbal commands.

What happened Monday on Netflix?

Netflix released the movie “What Happened To Monday” on their streaming platform. It kept that name for most of its run. Netflix recently changed the name to “7 Sisters”, but kept the movie poster titled “What Happen To Monday” (reference: Netflix Canada).

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What accent does Monday’s news have?

They live in an unnamed town, their grandfather has an American accent and they rarely ever venture outside. Yet, they all have the same, Swedish accent.

Can you hear after you die?

It is widely believed that hearing is the last sense to die in the dying process. UBC researchers now know that some people may be able to hear in the final stages of life even though they are not responsive.

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It is uncertain when or how it might happen. A conscious dying person can tell if they are about to die. Some people feel intense pain for hours before they die, while others go to sleep within minutes. People with terminal illnesses such as cancer are most aware of the fact that they are near death.

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So what does it feel to die? These studies show that death from cardiac arrest can feel like nothing or pleasant and mystical. The moments just before death were not painful.

Netflix Canada: Are there 7 sisters?

Yes, 7 Sisters can now be viewed on Canadian Netflix. It is now available online for streaming.

What happened Monday on Netflix Canada?

Netflix Canada: What Happened Monday is available for streaming on Netflix.

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