What Is The Main Theme Of Thank You Ma Am?

What Is the Main Theme of “Thank You Ma Am”? This short story focuses on the power of kindness. A kind gesture can make a teenage thief feel more at ease. Roger expects Mrs. Jones to take Roger to the police when he is caught by her.

Mrs. Jones looked at the boy in front of her and felt pity for him. The police would be no trouble – they always were when it came to kids like Roger. But she hadn’t seen this one coming, he was a new face on the streets where she lived out her days, taking care of herself and all that she had left now that her husband was gone.

She didn’t know what to do with him but knew enough not to turn him over to those who might find a way to make his life even more difficult than it already seemed destined for. She took his arm gently and led him back into the house, shutting the door behind them both before looking up at him with kindness in her old eyes.”

Roger watched as the old woman let go of his arm and walked around her small house, gathering ingredients for dinner. He had never been to this part of town before and was surprised at how welcoming she made it feel. Roger could tell that Mrs. Jones didn’t have much – a few pots, some vegetables from her garden out back, eggs leftover from breakfast time – but he understood that there weren’t any other luxuries to be found anywhere else either.”

As they sat down together to eat their meal, Roger noticed something different about Mrs. Jones’ face than what he’d seen on most of the people who lived around here: kindness.”

What is the lesson in the story, thank you, mam?

Langston Hughes’s “Thank You Ma’am” is a powerful reminder that appearances are not enough to judge. Roger first sees Mrs. Luella Biddle Washington Jones alone at 11:00 pm, with a large, heavy bag, and he thinks she looks like a potential target for theft.

What is the subject of the thank you ma’am Quizlet theme?

He tried to steal her shoes, but she was kind enough to give him $10 for shoes. She wanted to teach him to ask instead of robbers. “Thank You M’am” focuses on the idea that people need to be open to forgiveness and trust.

Why is the theme of “Thank you ma’am” implied?

The main idea or message that a literary work communicates is called the theme. The narrator, or a character, expresses a stated theme directly. The actions and reactions of actors. “Thank You M’am” contains an implicit theme about trust and kind-heartedness.

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What is the overall meaning behind thank you, mam?

A bump or depression in the road, especially: A ridge or hollow formed across a road that runs along a hillside to allow water to run off.

Is thank-you ma’am a true story?

Langston Hughes’ Thank You Ma’am is set in Harlem, New York, in 1950. It’s a story of a young boy named Roger, who tries to steal the money of a beautiful and opinionated old woman.

Roger can’t say thank you to Mrs. Jones?

Roger couldn’t say anything at the end to Mrs. Jones. He was content with the $10 he received and didn’t feel the need for a thank you. He was stunned by her kindness and couldn’t believe that someone had offered to help him after trying to steal.

Why didn’t Mrs. Jones call 911?

Why didn’t Mrs. Jones call the police? She claimed that she had experienced similar things to Roger as a young woman and was trying to help him rebuild his life. He was probably shocked that she didn’t call the police.

Roger says thank you to Mrs. Jones, but why?

For some acts of kindness, it seems that there are no words to describe how we feel or the overwhelming gratitude that we feel. Roger is literally speechless from Mrs. Jones’ kindness, and he can’t even manage to utter the “Thank You” that he knows is inadequate.

What is the significance of the thank you ma’am kind theme?

In “Thank You, M’am” by Langston Hughes, the themes of kindness and trust are evident throughout the story. The theme of trust is developed from the beginning of the story when Roger attempts to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones’ “kitchen sink” pocketbook.

What is the theme of this story?

The theme is the fundamental meaning of a story. It is the message that the writer wants to convey through the story. The theme of a story can often be described as a broad message about life. The theme of a story is important as it is part of why the author wrote it.

What is the purpose behind thank you, mam?

Thank You, Ma’am– Langston Hughes

I believe the author intended to show that the wrong thing can turn into something positive. Always do the right thing.

Why is thanking you ma’am such a good story?

The story “Thank You M’am” is great because it had universal themes that mean something to all of us. The attempted purse-snatching shows the need for communication within our society. Roger could have avoided regretting the decision to take the step he made by talking to someone.

What is the conflict between thank you mam and thank you?

Roger has broken society’s rules, and so the conflict of “Thank You, Ma’am” involves man vs. society. Roger expects to be sent to prison, but Mrs. Jones does not report the crime.

What does Ma Am mean?

: madam —used without a name as a form of respectful or polite address to a woman Thank you, ma’am.”

Why did the boy want to steal from the large female?

Mrs. Jones criticizes Roger’s bold acts and says that he tried to take her money to buy blue suede shoes. Roger, a poor black teenager, wanted to own fashionable blue suede sneakers, which were very popular in that era.

Which sentence best describes the theme of the story, thank you, mam?

The theme can best be described as “taking responsibility for your own actions.” The story is about a young boy who stole from Mrs. Jones. He was not sent to jail but Mrs. Jones took good care of him.

Roger can’t say more.

Roger is overcome with emotion at the end of “Thank you, M’am” by Langston Hughes, which leaves him unable to say more than a simple “thank you.” Roger is a young man who is the product of his Harlem environment. Roger has no evidence of family support during his youth.

Roger is expressing gratitude to Mrs. Jones after the story Quizlet.

What is Roger’s view of Mrs. Jones at the end? Roger regards her as kind and helpful. Roger thanked her for helping him.

What did Roger take away from Mrs. Jones’ treatment?

Young Roger has learned (1) to respect others and their property and (2) that there are people who truly care about the welfare and well-being of others. (1) Roger is selfish and only concerned about his own gain when he tries to steal the purse from Mrs. LuellaBates Washington Jones.

Why is Mrs. Jones so kind to someone who tried stealing from her?

Roger tries to rob Mrs. Jones’s purse. But instead of calling the police on him she takes him home and gives him something to eat. He is a sad, lonely boy without anyone to care for him. She is kind to him because she knows that he has no one to take care of him and no place to go.

Are most people as kind as Mrs. Luella Washington Jones?

My opinion is that most people would not be so forgiving as Mrs. LuellaBates Washington Jones. Roger would have faced severe punishment if he had been caught stealing by another person. Roger would be unforgiven by most people, as we are often not sympathetic or composed in such situations.

What is Mrs. Jones trying to accomplish?

Mrs. Jones stops the boy from taking her purse. Instead of calling the police, she decides to take the boy home with her. It is obvious to her that he is not being supervised and that there is no one “to tell you to clean your face.” Mrs. Jones is determined to teach the boy a lesson.

What Roger received from Mrs. Jones at the end and why?

Roger is advised by Mrs. Jones to behave himself at the end of “Thank You, Ma’am”. He is shown kindness by her and she gives him the money he needed.

The story reveals a theme about kindness and trust.

Langston Hughes seems intent on spreading the message that kindness, trust, and forgiveness are often more effective than punitive actions.